Ex-court clerk charged with fixing own tickets

? A former court clerk is in a fix. She’s charged with fixing 73 of her own parking tickets to avoid paying $5,112 in fines and late fees.

Dawn Nyberg, 32, of Blaine, was charged with theft by swindle of public funds, forgery, and misconduct by a public officer. The first two charges are felonies; the last is a misdemeanor.

Hennepin County District Court Administrator Mark Thompson said he had not seen anything similar in his 13 years with the court.

Nyberg’s tickets were issued near the Hennepin County Government Center, averaging one every 10 days over two years. “The presumption is she was parking the car around here and coming into work,” Assistant Hennepin County Attorney Tom Fabel said.

The complaint alleges Nyberg used her access to a county computer system to expunge her citations or enter incorrect information about her vehicle.