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Old Home Town - 25 years ago

October 25, 2007


Kansas University Chancellor Gene Budig received a letter of apology from Kansas State president Jon Wefald for the recent behavior of some KSU fans toward KU band members following the KU-KSU football game in Manhattan. KSU won 36-7, and KU band members had been jostled and pelted with debris in the aftermath.


StirrrThePot 10 years, 3 months ago

From what I understand, KSU fans were also prone to throwing things at their own band in those days.

I also remember a time during pregame run-on when a fellow band member and friend of mine gave a KSU fan a shove down the steps because the fan grabbed a hold of another band member in an attempt to tear off a piece of her uniform. This was at a KU home game, where sometimes you had to be careful during run-in if you were running out of "enemy territory" in the north bowl.

Ah, memories.

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