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Ryan Wood’s KU football notebook

October 18, 2007


KU football team heads to Boulder on Saturday

For the first time this season the Kansas football team will actually leave the state of Kansas to play a football game. Enlarge video

Kerry Meier "do-it-all" athlete

A "utility man" usually refers to a baseball player that can fill in at any position. KU football team has its own do-it-all athlete in Kerry Meier. Enlarge video

Webb the guy

Kansas University reserve cornerback Anthony Webb officially has a new title: punt-return specialist.

KU coach Mark Mangino said after practice Wednesday that Webb won the job after showing his ability to field tough punts in last week's victory over Baylor.

"He has good speed," Mangino said. "He runs well, and he really has a knack for fielding the ball. He understands how to handle wind and things like that."

One downside is Webb's ongoing work of figuring out the tricky trade of calling for a fair catch. It's similar to the problem former Jayhawk Charles Gordon had before he became a lethal punt-return specialist near the end of his college career.

"We're comfortable with him," Mangino said of Webb. "I think he'll be fine."

Almost famous

KU freshman wide receiver Dezmon Briscoe got word from some of his buddies back in his native Dallas that he was the centerpiece of a two-page photo spread that ran in last week's issue of Sports Illustrated.

"It was crazy," Briscoe said. "I thought they were playing with me."

Briscoe went out and bought a copy and, sure enough, a photo of him running in for a touchdown against Kansas State dominated two pages of the Oct. 15 issue.

He hasn't figured out what he'll do with with his copy. But one of his friends has a plan.

"He wants me to sign it when I get back (to Dallas)," Briscoe said.

Cabin fever

Due to the nonstop rainfall in Lawrence on Wednesday, KU moved its practice indoors to Anschutz Pavilion.

For the most part, workouts stay on course there with just a few slight differences. The Anschutz field has no crown, and working on punts can be a little tricky with a slanted roof that peaks right over the middle of the field.

"You can (punt)," Mangino said, "but you've got to hit it right down the middle of the field. If you really get hold of one, it'll hit a beam."


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