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Water tax

October 16, 2007


To the editor:

While President Bush has recently vetoed the SCHIP bill, the issue of health, health insurance, coverage of minor children and coverage of illegal aliens is here to stay and will be an imposing factor in the 2008 presidential election.

Regardless of what plan will develop, as always I wonder how will such a monumental plan be paid for and by whom? One bill would apply a "sin tax" to cigarettes at some 65 cents per pack.

Here is an alternative that will raise more revenue and even make this world a better place: Apply the sin tax to individual bottled water!

Water is good for us and we want a ready supply, but, folks, it is as close as your kitchen faucet and your personal plastic tote bottle. Good tap water is always available, can be frozen and allowed to thaw if you need a cold beverage later and costs pennies compared to dollars.

Our landfills are choking with empty plastic water bottles that take eons to dissipate, and the large trucks carrying water to markets clog our highways with their noxious fumes. Tobacco products are not good for us, but neither is the prospect of our environment being critically damaged by this Madison Avenue gimmick.

If you insist on expensive water, please be proud that, with this tax, you could be contributing to funding for underprivileged children's health care.

I would hope this recommendation to our lawmakers, environmentalists and concerned citizens will be seriously considered.

Jeane Landry,



kansas778 9 years ago

"Our landfills are choking with empty plastic water bottles "

this is actually a myth. The top contributors to landfills are paper and construction debris. Things like diapers and food packaging such as water bottles seem like they are major problems, but they only make up a small % of the total garbage/rubbish/trash.

But anyways, the whole funding of this plan is a trick to get their foot in the door. Once the plan is on the books, then it's basically impossible to get rid of it, and we'll be forced to continue funding it even as the budget would grow year after year. This is a common democrat tactic. Get the program on the books, and declare that the reason why it doesn't work is because the GOP won't give enough funding, but that if we scrapped the program it would be the end of the world.

gr 9 years ago

Another 'tax the toll roads for buildings' scheme.

Richard Heckler 9 years ago

Actually the letter writer may be on to something which I could support. Butttttt it won't happen.

Tap water is the same as most bottled water so why not purchase a thermos bottle,stainless steel water bottle or heavy duty plastic and carry that bottle around???

badger 9 years ago

True, merrill.

And then we are all prepared with our water bottles to watch the next news shocker: "A look at the germs that live on your water bottle! Tonight at 10!"

That hysteria killed me. "Oh, no, all you people who've been carrying around your water bottles for months without issue, your dirty water bottle is clearly the source of all your ills!"

I don't carry a water bottle, but I take my own coffee cup almost everywhere I go. Much the same principle. And I don't have to drink out of the itty bitty cups some folks think are appropriate for coffee.

Mkh 9 years ago

Ragingbear (Anonymous) says:

Tax stupidity. Problem solved.

It's called the Income Tax, which funds nothing at all in the government, is not legally enforced, and is Unconstitutional. Yet we still pay it....idiots.

Mkh 9 years ago

"Water is good for us and we want a ready supply, but, folks, it is as close as your kitchen faucet"

Ha Ha Ha! Talk about a myth. Folks the water that comes out of your tap is Not Healthy! It contains literally thousands of chemicals, including pesticides, herbicides, parasites, chlorine, flouride, lead, mercury, aluminum, arcinic, drug residues, etc, etc, etc, etc.

Young children should especially not drink from tap water. I recommend a super strong water filtering system, such as the Berkley Water Systems which uses a slow gravity purifying method. Don't just buy some cheap filter at the store, it will not get out most of the hazardous materials in our drinking water.

kansas778 9 years ago

"Young children should especially not drink from tap water." hmm, a friend of mine grew up on well water, and because he didn't have flouride in his water, he now has bad teeth. So actually, you children should especially drink tap water.

paavopetie 9 years ago

Landry's suggestion to tax bottled water instead of cigarettes is ridiculous. 440,000 Americans die a year from smoking. How many people die from drinking water? We shouldn't be making it harder for people to get water, we should be making it easier. I'm sure that most Americans aren't getting their recommended eight glasses of water a day.

Yes, there is an environmental cost to make the plastic bottle the water comes in. But if anything, there should be an added tax on bottles of soda. 280,000 Americans die a year from complications due to obesity; and you've got to admit that Coke and Pepsi are a major cause of obesity. Let's tax fast food while we're at it and subsidize local Farmer's Markets.

We as a nation need to start moving away from the consumer mentality of buying things we don't need, especially the things that are bad for us, like cigarettes, McDonalds, and Pepsi.

Kontum1972 9 years ago

...ahem.....! the problem is not the bottled water....the problem is in the white house.... remember what he said we were all suppose to go shopping after 9-11....!

our Leader....WaJ

Ragingbear 9 years ago

~~It's called the Income Tax, which funds nothing at all in the government, is not legally enforced, and is Unconstitutional. Yet we still pay it:.idiots.~~

Whether it is legal or Constitutional is besides the point. You don't pay your income tax, you WILL go to PMITA prison. It's as simple as that. Those in power make the rules.

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