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Former football player charged in break-in

October 16, 2007


A former Kansas University football player was charged Monday with breaking into a residence and threatening a man who lived there.

Jerome M. Kemp, 24, is being held in Douglas County Jail on $25,000 bond after he was arrested early Saturday morning.

Kemp allegedly broke into a 25-year-old man's apartment in the 4500 block of Overland Drive. He was charged with aggravated battery, two counts of making a criminal threat, and misdemeanor charges of battery and damage to property.

Kemp played safety for KU. Last year, at the end of his senior season, he was charged in Douglas County with car burglary and theft. In a plea agreement, Kemp pleaded guilty to misdemeanor property damage in return for the dismissal of car burglary and misdemeanor theft charges. He was placed on probation and ordered to pay restitution.


Fatty_McButterpants 10 years, 3 months ago

Imagine that - a football player charged with a crime? It can't be true. I thought all football players were upstanding citizens and role models for children, just like the Cincinnati Bengals.

bbygyrlxxx 10 years, 3 months ago

For all the other comments below me.....STOP trying to act like you know someone when you cleary don't. All you know about that person is what you hear on the news!!! Jerome is a good friend of mine. He is a caring person, a loyal friend, and he has a good heart. Just because someone makes a mistake doesn't mean there a bad person!! SORRY BUT YOU ALL HAVE MADE MISTAKES BEFORE, SO QUIT TRYING TO ACT LIKE YOU PERFECT. save it, because we all know you guys aren't perfect!! You barely even know the situation to be acting like you know EVERYTHING that is going on with it or what happened!!! I love jerome and care about him as a person and a friend. I will be there for him NO MATTER WHAT!!

babie_t_ks 10 years, 3 months ago

Just like bbygyrlxxx said above me, you dont know Jerome! If you knew anything about him you would know that he is a very good guy and very understanding. I would have to say he is one of the best guy friends that i've ever had and you dont know what is going on with him except for what u do hear on the news, or what you read about in the paper! If you did have time to sit down and speak with jerome you would find out for yourself that he is a good person! Also like bbygyrlxxx has said everyone is not perfect, if you tell yourself you are the only thing you a doing is lying to yourself! People do make mistakes, this one my be a bigger mistake than normal, but still people do make them so face it.... its true mistakes happen! You yourself im sure have made mistakes, all i have to say is i really hope he doesnt do that much time or that he does get out on bond, i myself would get him out, but i do not have that kind of $... and i will be glad to see him again. Jerome is a good guy wether u would like to think it or not!!

Dymo 10 years, 3 months ago

Humm... breaking in, aggravated battery, criminal threat, damage to property... sounds like a great guy to me

Mistake or not he needs to know there are consequences for his actions. He's been in trouble before, you would think that after that "mistake" he would have learned his lesson. Hopefully this time he will.

Matthew Del Vecchio 10 years, 3 months ago

He threatened to kill the people in the apartment and this was the second time he broke into this apartment. He deserves what he gets.

workin2hard 10 years, 3 months ago

Sounds like bbygyrlxxx and babie_t_ks are the same person along with the other baby girl defending Darren in his camp. They all take the same stand.

bbygyrlxxx 10 years, 3 months ago

And Actually i dont even know who babie t? is, she must agree with me and she thinkin before she speaks.........unlike any of you!!!!! I have a personnal relationship wit him, I KNOW HIM!!! unlike all you CLOWNS on here who are tryin ta put in your LOUSY two cents need to 1.) GET A LIFE!!!!! 2.) THINK BEFORE YOU SPEAK AND 3.) GET A LIFE~!!!!! and get out of his life!!!! and listen here "blue73harley" I am not a cheerleader! Thank you very idiot.....again another stupid person SPEAKING before YOU KNOW!!!! get a life!! and for "workin2hard" again I am a different person than babie t, if you have anymore stupid comments or questions IDIOTS!!! please E-MAIL me personally.......................AND DO ME A FAVOR AND GET A LIFE! LEAVE MY BOY JEROME ALONE!! KEEP YOUR LAME LIES, COMMENTS, OPINIONS, AND WHATEVER ELSE YOU WANNA CALL IT TO YOURSELF!!!

oldgoof 10 years, 3 months ago

I wonder if the cheerleaders have the ability to write complete sentences following the rules of grammar and spelling. If not, which school can we blame?

somebodynew 10 years, 3 months ago


OK hate to spend this time trying to speak with "texters" who have lost all english skills, but here goes - - - Did you stop to think cheerleaders does NOT refer to you or the other as actually BEING cheerleaders - just that you are defending him (so therefore "cheerleading".

And you probably also haven't figured out that you OBVIOUSLY are not the "only" one with a "personal" relationship with Jerome - I kind of think "babie whatever" is probably sharing that with you - he just isn't sharing information about it.

(Stick with texting)

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