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KDHE to announce coal plant decision on Thursday

October 15, 2007


— Kansas Department of Health and Environment Secretary Roderick Bremby will announce a decision this week on the pending air quality permits for the two proposed 700 megawatt coal-fired plants in western Kansas.

Bremby will make the announcement through a prepared statement released to the media at 3 p.m. Thursday, KDHE said.

The proposed $3.6 billion plants near Holcomb have been the subject of months of controversy.

Supporters say the plants will boost the Kansas economy and provide long-term inexpensive power.

Opponents say the coal-produced carbon dioxide and other emissions will harm the environment and Kansans' health.


snowWI 10 years ago

Yes, KDHE should make the right decision instead of listening to the smaller special interest groups.

hornhunter 10 years ago

Does this smaller special intrest group include you snow? It should

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