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Old Home Town - 100 years ago

October 14, 2007


From the Lawrence Daily World of Oct. 14, 1907: "An enormous crowd, all the Methodist Church could possibly accommodate, heard the Rev. W.E. Biederwolf begin his series of revival meetings here last night. The crowd was estimated at 1,800 people and many had to be turned away. Another sermon is planned for tomorrow night and another huge crowd is expected. : 'Reception hospitals' for the Kansas insane asylums, equipped to give the 'water cure'' or electric treatment to those suffering the first attacks of insanity, are recommended in a report to Gov. Hoch completed today by Sherman G. Elliott, one of the members of the state board of control. The 'reception hospital' or 'psychopathic ward' is intended for the 'intense' treatment of new cases of insanity. It is said many who are treated recover in the first year of treatment."


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