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Blackwater chief says he welcomes FBI

October 14, 2007


— The chief executive of Blackwater USA, whose guards are accused of killing 17 Iraqis in Baghdad last month, says he welcomes the FBI investigation into the shooting and supports the prosecution of any bad acts.

"I'm glad they can be a neutral party," Blackwater founder Erik Prince said in an interview to be broadcast today on CBS' "60 Minutes." "And if there's further investigation or prosecution even needed, if someone really did wrong and meant badly, I'm all supportive."

"These are guys that are prior military. They're prior law enforcement. They're used to that kind of accountability. ... This is not an unusual thing to hold them accountable again," Prince told Rose. "They want that. ... And they want clear names for those that didn't do anything wrong. They want justice to be done, just like we do."

Iraqi authorities have asked the U.S. government to sever all contracts in Iraq with Blackwater within six months and hand over the contractors involved in the Sept. 16 shootings in Baghdad's Nisoor Square to face possible trial in Iraqi courts.


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