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Jayhawks call for full stadium

October 12, 2007


KU looking to open with stronger plays

When it comes to opening football games with an offensive statement, the Jayhawks have underachieved in almost every way. Enlarge video

KU defensive line spreading their wings

Last season, the Kansas defense was inexperienced. This year, the 'Hawks have forced crucial turnovers and earned the title of the No. 1 defense in the Big 12. Enlarge video

Kansas University cornerback Aqib Talib has a suggestion for students trying to decide where to spend Fall Break.

"We need 'em to stay here for the game," Talib, KU's junior All-America candidate/NFL prospect said. "The louder they get, the harder we'll play. We need to be 6-0."

The 5-0 Jayhawks, who entered the polls (at No. 20) this week for the first time since 1996, will entertain 3-3 Baylor at 11:30 a.m. Saturday at Memorial Stadium.

Students are out of class Thursday through Sunday, meaning they must decide whether to stay in town for tonight's Late Night in the Phog and Saturday's football game, or to venture to their respective hometowns or tourist destinations.

"The students are pretty pumped about what we are doing this year. Our families are pumped about what we are doing this year," Talib said. "We'll have a lot of family. Hopefully a lot of fans will enjoy staying here for Fall Break just to see our game."

Sophomore safety Darrell Stuckey provided a concrete reason for the students to stick around.

"Oh man ... our fan base, our student population has been tremendous the past couple weeks. It is important they stay just to see history in the making. This is one of the few times in KU history ... we are making history here. It's something they want to see and should see. If they are away, I hope they watch on TV, from a distance," he said.

Sophomore quarterback Todd Reesing replied, "I sure hope so," when asked if the student body would be in full force at the KU-BU game Saturday morning.

"I don't know how much more of a buzz we can create this year," he said. "I mean, we are ranked for the first time in a decade. We just beat K-State at home for the first time in two decades. You'd like to think you'd have a big showing from your fans. I think we will. I think people are real excited about this year's team. Hopefully we can come out and pack every home game from here on out."

The Jayhawks say they sense some full-fledged excitement on campus.

"In the past, people all made jokes, 'You all (stink) or something like that," Stuckey said. "It's mainly from people who don't know anything about football. The fact they are saying, 'Good job,' shows we are respected as a team."

Junior college transfer Patrick Resby, who played the last two seasons at Navarro CC in Corsicana, Texas, said he'd been pleasantly surprised by fan interest in football at KU.

"I never really heard of KU, really. All I heard about KU was basketball," Resby said. "I've seen a lot of things change on campus just since I've been here."

Not a familiar face yet, Resby wears a KU football shirt to classes.

"They (students) say, 'Great game,' that they loved it. They love it, man, so I love it too," he said.

Resby says KU's 5-0 start is "no fluke. We've said this since Day One. We wanted to win all the games and be ranked. We've worked hard to get here, so it's not a fluke."

A victory might give KU a top-15 rating heading into Colorado a week from Saturday.

"I believe we can be in the top three (eventually)," former K.C. Washington High standout Stuckey said. "The sky is the limit if we continue to play as a team and not care who gets the glory. Allow the glory to be given to God every day and the sky is the limit."

Stuckey said rankings were more for the fans than the players.

"It all comes down to the last two weeks of the season," he said. "That's when our rankings mean anything. When we crack the top 10, that's when rankings mean everything. That's when the BCS comes into your radar."

Talib also put things in perspective:

"I have no idea. I don't even understand how they do the rankings, the polls. We could lose and be out of the top 25. So it doesn't mean much yet at all."


bucks1 10 years, 1 month ago

Top 3? Let's not get ahead of ourselves Mr. Stuckey!

Matthew Del Vecchio 10 years, 1 month ago

and that's why Talib is the best in the country. smart guy.

Confrontation 10 years, 1 month ago

I love how people claim that our crowd needs to be as loud as the K-State crown in Manhattan. How much did their crowd help them during the KU game? It sure helped them win, right? Wrong.

pimp11 10 years, 1 month ago

everyone always has to look at the negative side of things. get out of your shell and go out and support the hawks and their great season.


Kam_Fong_as_Chin_Ho 10 years, 1 month ago

But, but, but the people from The Red Lyon said we should boycott KU football and drink at their bar instead.

babyjay 10 years, 1 month ago

I just hope that for once, the stadium can be filled with KU royal blue (or whatever the official name is of the blue color). It's been a long time since we have accomplished this in Memorial Stadium.

Let's make it look like an NU game - but, no red, navy blue, black, gold, green, etc., etc.

What a great look for the football staff, players, fans, band and especially for TV.

Raise the spirit tomorrow morning! Make Lawrence proud!

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