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Neglected house to be demolished

October 3, 2007


Commissioners unanimously approved a resolution that clears the way for a vacant home at 1230 N.Y. to be demolished.

Area residents have complained that the house has been attracting trespassers and transients. Attempts by city inspectors to get an owner of the property to permanently secure or upgrade the property haven't been successful.

Commissioners said they did not like the issue of "demolition by neglect," but said the house either needed to be repaired or demolished to protect the neighborhood.

City staff members said the property was owned by Arthur Carmona, but the city has not been able to contact him. Jesse Del Campo Jr. said he has a contract to purchase the property, and would like to see the house demolished. He said he cannot remove the home, though, because he is not the official owner of the property.


deadanimals 10 years, 5 months ago

Isn't anyone concerned that the city will issue a demolition permit to a person who's interest in the property is a "contract" that wasn't even notarized?

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