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Knight’s accuser’s story differs slightly from police report

November 30, 2007


— Police reports of an alleged shooting incident involving Bob Knight differ slightly from the account given by the Lubbock man who said the Texas Tech coach or his hunting buddy fired birdshot his way.

James Simpson told the Associated Press that birdshot came into his yard three times Oct. 21 and three times he yelled from a distance at Knight and the other man to move away from his home to hunt dove.

But, according to the police report, he only told the officer about just one instance when birdshot hit his house, after which he yelled at the two hunters to "back up." Then, the report states, a pellet struck his head. Simpson told the AP that pellets hit his neck and back.

Simpson said Thursday his account of the incident to the AP did not differ from the one he gave to police last month.

"I can't tell you how the police write their reports," Simpson said. "I can tell it the way I know it."

The pellets, Simpson said, did not break the skin, and he did not require medical treatment.

Police closed the case Nov. 2 and released narrative reports by officers Wednesday.

The reports also indicate Simpson canceled an Oct. 24 appointment with police investigators to file an affidavit about the incident because of what he said was a business conflict.

On Oct. 26, police sent a letter to Simpson advising him he needed to made an appointment again so his affidavit could be obtained.

Simpson called on Nov. 22 and was told the case had been closed, the reports show.

Simpson told the AP that Knight and another hunter, Bob Curtis, came to the field early in the morning of Oct. 21, and their shotgun pellets landed in his backyard on three occasions.

Simpson, 51, who did not report the alleged incident to police until the next day, said he yelled to the two men each time to stop shooting so close to his house.

Simpson said he believed the pellets were strays, but was uncomfortable they were hunting near his home. After yelling three times for the hunters to move farther from his house, Simpson took a video camera from his home and confronted the pair.

He said when he returned to his yard afterward, pellets struck his neck and back as he stood with his back to the field and cleaned his swimming pool.

No pellets were collected by police, the report states.


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