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Ex-first lady asks for loaner car

November 29, 2007


— Guyana's former first lady on Wednesday appealed to her fellow citizens to lend her a car to carry out charitable work, complaining she currently has to walk or take a bus.

In a bizarre news conference, Varshnie Jagdeo said state cars are no longer available to take her to her job at a children's charity. Her nearly nine-year marriage to President Bharrat Jagdeo ended with their separation in April.

"If there is anyone with a spare vehicle who can lend it to me for a while, I will be very grateful," the British-trained economist said in the capital, Georgetown. "I'm amazed that I needed to be married for the nation's children to get assistance."

The former first lady, who runs a Guyana charity that helps sick children travel overseas for medical care, appeared with two of 10 youngsters she recently accompanied to India for surgeries.

She said she has been forced to walk a mile to her office from the presidential house, where she has lived in separate quarters from Jagdeo since their marriage turned sour.


lubyloo 10 years, 6 months ago

Well, you've gotta love her for trying.

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