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Legislative platform to be set

November 26, 2007


Bottom line

Lawrence city commissioners will work on creating the city's legislative platform for the 2008 legislative session.


Each year commissioners compile a list of issues that they want state legislators to consider. Last year's platform included: opposition to bills that would reduce the city's ability to pass new sales taxes; opposition to legislation that would limit the ability of cities to annex property; support of legislation that would allow cities to create new excise taxes; and support of state legislation to fund comprehensive transportation projects.

Other business

Consent agenda

Receive staff memo regarding status of Nov. 13 City Commission meeting minutes. The minutes will be placed on the Dec. 4 City Commission meeting agenda for approval.

Receive minutes from various boards and commissions.

Approve all claims.

Approve licenses as recommended by the Department of Administrative Services.

Bid and purchase items:

a.) Authorize the city manager to amend the contract with Restoration & Waterproofing Contractors for $56,600 for additional work to secure the coping stones to the wall of the 1954 Chemical and Filter Building at the Kaw Water Treatment Plant and to seal the window openings according to revised design details. The new contract total will be $322,659.

b.) Approve cured-in-place-pipe unit price contract with I-Con Underground LLC for $76,781 for the Eighth and Michigan sanitary sewer improvement project.

Adopt the following ordinances on second and final reading:

a.) Ordinance No. 8125, providing for the rezoning of approximately 3.31 acres from RS10 (single-dwelling residential) district to GPI (general public and institutional use) district. The property is located at 555 Stoneridge Drive, northwest of the intersection of West Sixth Street and Stoneridge Drive.

b.) Ordinance No. 8199, providing for the rezoning of approximately 1.8 acres from IG to OS. The property is located at 900 E. 15th St.

c.) Ordinance No. 8200, providing for the rezoning of approximately 1.1 acres from IG to GPI. The property is located at 900 E. 15th St.

d.) Ordinance No. 8207, providing for the amendment to the nonresidential district use table, to allow veterinary clinics in the IBP district.

e.) Ordinance No. 8208, establishing an all-way stop at the intersection of Overland Drive and Wakarusa Drive.

f.) Ordinance No. 8209, establishing no parking along the north side of Fourth Street between Maine and Missouri streets and along the south side of Fourth Street from Maine Street, east 170 feet.

g.) Ordinance No. 8205, an ordinance providing for the rezoning of approximately a half acre from IG (general industrial) to CS (strip commercial).

Approve the request to rezone a 3.3-acre tract from RSO (single-dwelling residential-office) district to RMO (multiple-dwelling residential-office) district. The properties contain the Summer Tree Apartments and are located at the southeast and southwest corners of Eldridge Street and West Sixth Street. Submitted by Allen Belot, architect, for Summer Tree Townhouses, property owner.

Authorize 2007 longevity payments.

Receive city manager's report.

Regular agenda

Consider the following items related to the proposed Oread Inn project (12th Street and Oread Avenue):

a.) The public hearing on the appeal of the Historic Resources Commission determination for DR-07-93-07 was conducted Nov. 13. Additional public comment from the applicant and the public in response to recently submitted material would also be appropriate.

b.) Consider making a determination on the appeal of the Historic Resources Commission's denial of the project.

c.) Consider making a determination to issue a certificate of appropriateness for the demolition of the structures located at 1140 Ind., 1142 Ind., 1144 Ind. and 618-620 W. 12th St., and the new construction proposed for the site.

d.) Consider approval of the requested rezoning and direct staff to draft ordinance for a request to rezone a three-quarter-acre tract, from CN1 (inner neighborhood commercial) & RM32 (multi-dwelling residential) to PCD-2 (planned commercial development). The property is located at 618 W. 12th St.

e.) Consider approval, subject to conditions and use restrictions, a preliminary development plan for Oread Circle (Oread Inn), located at 618 W. 12th St. The plan proposes mixed-use residential and commercial development. Submitted by Paul Werner Architects, for Triple T, property owner.

f.) Consider a proposed agreement whereby the proposed Oread Inn developer agrees to provide funding for the city's cost associated with bond counsel work and the feasibility study up to $25,000 for possible tax increment financing and/or transportation development district financing for improvements related to the proposed Oread Inn.

Receive status update on issues discussed during Nov. 7 study session with Oread Neighborhood Association.

Direct staff concerning possible state legislative items for the upcoming session of the Kansas Legislature.

Consider a motion to recess into executive session to consult with attorneys for the city on matters that are deemed privileged under the attorney-client relationship for 30 minutes.


Richard Heckler 10 years, 4 months ago

Oread Inn should go to the bank for all financing.

toefungus 10 years, 4 months ago

Based on the agenda, the hotel is a done deal. How about recording the executive session? It no doubt has to do with Hack's investment in the new Oread Hotel.

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