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Broken Arrow honored

Elementary school’s academic record garners Governor’s Achievement Award

November 26, 2007


Broken Arrow awarded for academic excellence

Broken Arrow Elementary School joins an elite group today receiving the Governor's Achievement Award. Enlarge video

Broken Arrow School students and staff got a surprise Monday - the Governor's Achievement Award.

Superintendent Randy Weseman showed up at a scheduled assembly to present the award to Principal Brian McCaffrey.

"I believe that we have the best teaching staff in the state," McCaffrey said. "Every once in a while when you get an award it shows the hard work they've put in."

Broken Arrow received the award because of its excellent academic standings - it achieved the Kansas Standard of Excellence in reading and math in all grades. Grades three through six are tested in reading and math and all achieved the grade level standard of excellence. Broken Arrow also made Adequate Yearly Progress.

Broken Arrow ranks academically in the top 5 percent of elementary schools in the state.

"It just pays off. I was happy for them today because from our kindergarten teachers to our sixth-grade teachers and the support staff that we have, they all work as a team and they do a tremendous job of teaching and learning," McCaffrey said.

Only 44 schools in the state received the Governor's Achievement Award.


SpiritTat 10 years, 4 months ago

I am very impressed - and pleased!! Broken Arrow serves many different families of greatly varied income levels.. so we cannot point to 'wealthy neighboorhood, parents, opportunities' solely AT ALL with the academic success seen here at the school.. It very much appears to be based on actual pedagogy and leadership!

Kudos, Broken Arrow!

Terry Jacobsen 10 years, 4 months ago

Yeah! Broken Arrow!

Good job to all of the teachers, staff and students! An honor well deserved.

gr 10 years, 4 months ago

"Arrow" is an indian term. Does this mean they are going to rename the school like they do sports teams?

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