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Poet’s Showcase

Catalpa” by Jill Jevens

November 25, 2007



By Jill Jevens

Even with Fall's bright colors all around,

I notice you,

as I have, everyday

since planting your slim seedling

in a spring breeze.

There are those who asked questions.

Why that kind?

You would grow fast, I said.

I wanted shade.

I didn't know then

that time would speed up, too.

You were there the day

I brought my baby home.

You've seen one dog run away,

play fetch, die.

I've watched you bloom

each spring

and elegantly bend in

the worst Kansas storms

Sometimes it's hard to look at you

and know that time is passing.

Yet, like your branches,

my child's arms and legs grow longer.

He climbs you now,

hiding in your big leaves.

You and I, we're both a little messy,

we both change, and show off a bit.

Yet, when I tell myself

it's only been a few years,

you show that you are the wise one,

a tall, gentle harbinger,

swaying softly, shedding your pale leaves.

Jill Jevens lives in Lawrence.


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