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Old Home Town - 100 Years Ago

November 21, 2007


From the Lawrence Daily World for Nov. 21, 1907: "Lawrence has been enjoying a substantial boom for the past five years but it has been so steady that many people here do not realize it has occurred. In one year, the population of Lawrence has increased from 11,708 to 12,387 and this includes none of the populations from Haskell and Kansas University. Property values in the city have surpassed $12 million and the county figure has risen to $30 million. Paving has been greatly improved and the deposits in all four local banks have risen substantially, about 33 percent per annum. The state university has increased in two years from having 11 buildings to having 16 and its property value has increased from $1,250,000 to $1,600,000. The faculty now numbers 118 professors and enrollment has gone over 2,000, a gain of at least 300 in a year. Haskell Institute has 750 students and 50 buildings and the city has 21 factories and wholesale houses of considerable size. The growth has been so consistent that many do not realize the good things that have been happening."


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