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Money tip: home inventory

November 19, 2007


To keep a fire, burglary or other disaster from devastating your assets, make a thorough inventory of everything you have in your home. There are a number of home inventory forms available for free on the Internet or you can request one from your insurance company.

Go through every room, drawer and cupboard and carefully list everything of value. Don't forget your attic, basement or garage. And don't overlook things such as carpets, curtains, linens and the like.

Describe every item in detail. Record any identifying information, such as appliance serial numbers. It helps to include the age, brand name, size, model number and other relevant details of just about any valuable object.

Also, record the date when you bought an item, the amount that you paid and how much it would cost to replace it. And of course, keep all sales receipts.

You also might photograph the contents of your home, preferably with a digital camera. Better yet, videotape your possessions. A shot inside the closet doors, accompanied by your verbal description, will spare you from having to write down the entire contents.


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