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Detroit ranked new most dangerous city

November 19, 2007


On the list

Here's how area cities ranked on the list of most dangerous in the U.S.:

18. Kansas City, Mo.

25. Kansas City, Kan.

122. Wichita

166. Topeka

213. Lawrence

297. Olathe

347. Overland Park

— Detroit pushed past St. Louis to become the nation's most dangerous city, according to a private research group's analysis, released Sunday, of annual FBI crime statistics.

The 14th annual "City Crime Rankings: Crime in Metropolitan America" was published by CQ Press, a unit of Congressional Quarterly Inc. It is based on the FBI's Sept. 24 crime statistics report.

It was compiled by Kathleen O'Leary Morgan and Scott Morgan, whose Morgan Quitno Press, based in Lawrence, Kan., published it until its acquisition by CQ Press.

The report looked at 378 cities with at least 75,000 people based on per-capita rates for homicide, rape, robbery, aggravated assault, burglary and auto theft. Each crime category was considered separately and weighted based on its seriousness, CQ Press said.

Last year's crime leader, St. Louis, fell to No. 2. Other most dangerous cities were Flint, Mich.; Oakland, Calif.; Camden, N.J.; Birmingham, Ala.; North Charleston, S.C.; Memphis, Tenn.; Richmond, Calif.; and Cleveland.

The study ranked Mission Viejo, Calif., as the safest U.S. city, followed by Clarkstown, N.Y.; Brick Township, N.J.; Amherst, N.Y.; and Sugar Land, Texas.

The study excluded Chicago, Minneapolis, and other Illinois and Minnesota cities because of incomplete data.


igby 10 years, 5 months ago

I was born in Dearborn, lived on Maple street in a polish/catholic community. My mother went to Chadsee high school, my grandfather worked for Sharon Steel which was just east of the village. Last time I was there was in 1972. A lots changed since then and the old area is infested now with crime I've been told and all my family has moved out and sold their homes. I have three uncles still there, all retired from either Cad. or Ford. I remember the summers at Greenfield Village and going to see the Detroit Tigers play and being at the Detroit Zoo. I was 12 the first time I was mugged at the Tigers Stadium by a gang of black youths. I was going to the concession area and was knocked down and my pockets were pillaged through for the $3 dollars I had on me. We always went to Ferrells Ice cream after the games and the popular soft drink of the day was Verners Ginger ale. Red white and blue bell bottoms were in fashion with tank tops. The second time I was mugged was about 5 blocks from my Grandparents house on Maple, I fought them off with a broken beer bottle I had scrambled for when this black gang of youths bum rushed me walking on the sidewalk they were older than me and I backed two of them off as they swung at me. This shocked them and they ran and never messed with me again. I never told my mother about the muggings or my grandfather but this changed me considerably but not in a racist way. I never let anyone put there hand on me every since, it made be dangerously quick and living in the city in the early seventies was challenging for a country boy who trusted people.

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