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November 15, 2007


To the editor:

A lot has already been said regarding certain local businesses organizing a "boycott" of the upcoming Kansas-Missouri football game at Arrowhead Stadium. Never mind that the Kansas University Athletic Department managed to schedule six home football games in addition to the game in Kansas City.

Never mind the fact that anybody that is stubborn enough to support this "boycott" has already paid their money to the athletic department. Never mind the fact that people will still pack local bars in droves to watch (and drink) as Kansas potentially plays toward its first Big 12 championship game.

The most sickening thing to me is that the Jayhawks are doing something this season that nobody around here has ever seen before, and these people are going to eat their tickets (that have already been paid for, remember) because of pure stubbornness. I don't have the means to buy tickets because I don't have the disposable income, but if I did, I'd sure as hell hate to look back at such a historic season and think that I gave up the opportunity to watch KU fight their way to an undefeated season. Or worse yet, that while my money supported the athletic department, I sat on my duff back home and did not support my football team.

Go ahead and stay away from Arrowhead, but give your ticket to someone who will show up to support this team.

Sean Atchley,



Noweigh 10 years, 5 months ago

Well put......but a slight correction, the athletic department scheduled (7) home games in addition to the Arrowhead game this season. Plenty of chances for "boycotting" local businesses to make hay. Congrats as well to those local business that are encouraging pre and post game festiviites at their Lawrence locations.

ontheotherhand 10 years, 5 months ago

I doubt many people will "boycott" the game, but the fact that most people are upset about the game being played in KC should be made loud and clear to Lew and the Gang. Otherwise, I can hear it now from Lew: "We heard from very few people who disagreed with having the game at Arrowhead. Therefore, we have decided to play the KU-MU game there indefinitely, and we also plan to play two more KU games at Arrowhead next year."

Confrontation 10 years, 5 months ago

You have a lot of hypocrites who claimed they'd boycott the game, but will now attend it due to a great football season. Why would anyone support the Red Lyon? That's the crappiest bar it town.

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