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Control the spread of pet hair

November 4, 2007


Shedding hair is normal in the life of a pet. Many dogs or cats shed more in the spring as they lose their heavy coat for warm weather, but cats who never go outdoors may shed the same amount all year long. There are a few tricks to corral all that hair.

¢ Spray the bottom of draperies with anti-static spray and hair won't stick to them.

¢ Get a good vacuum with a HEPA filter.

¢ Keep one of those lint rollers with the perforated sheets handy so you can quickly roll it over your sofa.

¢ For surfaces that hold on to hair, such as tightly woven car upholstery, wear a pair of rubber or latex gloves and rub hands over the fabric. Hairs will begin to clump, and become easier to pick up.

The best way to control hair is to brush your pet every day or two. Your pet will enjoy it and you'll find less hair on your clothes and furniture.


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