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Want to share your story on foreclosure?

May 31, 2007


It's a hard time to be a homeowner on the brink.

Nationally, foreclosures in March were up 47 percent from a year ago. Kansas' 447 foreclosures in March ranked 35th in the nation; the monthly total was up 5.6 percent from February.

The trend is reflected locally. So far in 2007, officials say, there have been 52 foreclosures in Douglas County, compared with 88 in 2006.

The Journal-World and 6News are asking for your help telling this story.

We're looking for people who have experienced foreclosure - how it happened and what advice you would have for others in similar situations. We also want to hear from those who found themselves caught up in a subprime loan that became unmanageable.

If you would like to talk to us, or if you have other information that relates to this topic, contact special projects reporter Christine Metz at 832-6352 or


kchuskerfan 11 years ago

I'll know people are getting serious about the housing discussion when they address the property tax valuations that have increased 30% in many cases in just 2 years. Most did not budget to suddenly have an addtl $400/mo for property tax and the subsequent insurance increase that goes with it. Sub-Prime lenders? That's the media soundbite. Most that took Adjustible rates took them at 3 or 5 year ARM's. Those are not even to the point of increase yet. (BUT ARE FAST APPROACHING) Those that took Home Equity loans, they would've seen their rates increase dramatically in last 12 mo's. It's not the primary mortgage that's strapped people. It's the tax hit and the HELOCs. And PLEASE stop trying to blame Bush for everything. That's oversimplifying. People overbought. We're still at historically low interest rate levels. 6%? You have to be kidding that it's the subprime people with 6% mortgage rates? Helping questionable credit people buy homes was a government program that's been around for a long time. Bush didn't create it. It was started to stimulate the economy in the Carter era.. You might recall that wonderful time of banks, businesses failing at a record rate and inflation in double digits. We had gas rationing at that time. You don't get it both ways. Do your homework... "It's that Bush, he's to blame".. Sigh... Please, please, please do some homework, especially on the situations in the middle east. Start with Carter ousting the Shah of Iran, or some homework on who actually built the training camps in Afghanistan. (We did, to train the "freedom fighters" when the Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan), How we bailed on the Kurds, How we offended the Turks, etc. The US has bungled every intervention in that region for nearly 40 years. Oh, and by the way, The Iranian's and Iraqi's were supporters of Hitler. It's what Carter sold us on when we had to overthrow the Shah and his "death squads". Those who ignore history are destined to repeat it..

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