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Police investigating two overnight home invasions

Masked gunmen enter two homes

May 31, 2007


Lawrence police were busy overnight investigating two residential burglaries and robberies involving suspects armed with handguns.

At 9:10 p.m. Wednesday police were called to a residence in the 1100 block of Pennsylvania where two men took money and cell phones after forcing their way into the house. Two women and four children were held at gunpoint.

The suspects were described as black males, with one of them wearing a hood and the other wearing a pin-striped button shirt over his face.

At 2:20 a.m. today a woman in the 4700 block of Ranch Court called police after a man armed with a handgun entered her bedroom. The man took a cell phone and then left. The woman went to her garage, got into a car and called police on a second cell phone.

The suspect was a white man wearing a black stocking mask and gloves.

Police later recovered the cell phone.

Investigations are continuing in both incidents.


Dayna Lee 11 years ago

Did you see the resident on the news tonight? I guess the criminals are cute, so everyone can stop worrying. haha, only NOT FUNNY!!!!!

rlmtyco 11 years ago

I wish people from Topeka would stay in Topeka!

compmd 11 years ago

lets hope that these future leaders of tomorrow are dumb enough to try and use or sell the cell phones. way to go guys, steal the most easily traceable electronic device ever created. sigh...

Uhlrick_Hetfield_III 11 years ago

Thanks to the morons on the Kansas Supreme Court there are two decisions that make a gun owner liable for just about anything that happens with their guns. In one case the owner had the gun locked up in one place and the ammunition locked up in another and when they were stolen the Supremes ruled that the owner was still liable.

Might just as well keep them out in the open, at least then they're useful for clowns like these. Imagine the look of surprise if they had walked into the barrel of a twelve gauge going bang bang. Imagine thereafter having no look at all.

Of course out here, if you get near the house the dogs bark, so the element of surprise tends not to be a factor.

Sigmund 11 years ago

That ridiculous! Cell phones have no wires and are therefore untraceable. Call all your best friends, your mom, your girlfriends for FREE! Absolutely no way for you to be caught!

radarlove 11 years ago

Sigmund, you need some learning about transmissions, GPS and cell phone towers.

a_flock_of_jayhawks 11 years ago

If you are calling all of the people you know "for free", you're leaving a trail of evidence that points right to you. Besides, it's pretty easy for network operators to tell what tower and sector it is registered in on, date, time, and duration. In addition, this information for multiple towers in a timeline gives away your approximate location as you move from tower to tower and it hands off between them. All of this while the phone is on even if you do not make a call.

Michael Capra 11 years ago

make my day and try this crap with me,,CCW all the way with these crack heads

lmpaul 11 years ago

With a concealed handgun permit, you could have two good friends; Mr. Smith and Mr. Wesson. But the crooks will too (not legally). Visions of "High Noon" in Lawrence, KS.

pelliott 11 years ago

shhh, hey guys, call away , everyone is wrong, can't be traced, hey you can even call the police station and they will have no idea it was you. Now that is cool.

I don't think people need a concealed hand gun permit for a handgun at home. Just know where it is and have a plan. Most likely problem is, kids are drawn to them like magnets, and they shoot themselves or someone else.

doc1 11 years ago

I'm siding with Marion on this one. Shotgun would do the trick. Lets break things down. The one on Pennsylvania was drug related and the one on Ranch Ct was pretty girl related.

50YearResident 11 years ago

Sometime soon these home invaders will hit the wrong house and will get shot. Then we'll hear the old story about how guns kill people and should be banned. Nothing will be said about the perps illegally entering the house. Maybe the Jworld could do some follow-up stories on why the perps chose the house they invaded. These things are seldom "random".

KsTwister 11 years ago

My "random" bugler left at gunpoint---worked for me. Why do I know it was random? Just a few weeks after moving here, if he wanted our things as we just moved into a new place he sure picked the wrong time. The police told me I could not shoot him until I told them our two year old was asleep down the hall he was getting ready to come down from his entry. Then they proceeded to tell me "how" to shoot him. I didn't need their help at that point,left the kitchen phone and headed for the hallway. He heard their siren,they pursued, he jumped a fence, end of story.

cellogrl 11 years ago

Okay, I'm getting really frickin' sick of the Topeka comments. I live in Topeka and I have never shot or robbed anyone. Don't even own a gun. Stop the stereotyping!!!!

rlmtyco 11 years ago

lol @ topcity....ljworld is doing good with the topeka comments also, 4 of the last 8 criminal articles posted on have been about topekans...we are both batting 500 it looks like

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