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Police investigate armed home invasion

May 31, 2007


Several adults and children were threatened at gunpoint by two men who entered a residence Wednesday in the 1100 block of Pennsylvania Street and searched for possessions.

The home invasion, still under investigation by Lawrence police, occurred about 9:30 p.m.

According to Lawrence police Sgt. Damon Thomas, two men entered the house armed with at least one gun and possibly other weapons and ordered all the people inside to stay to the ground.

The men, who had garments obscuring their faces, then went to a room in the back of the house and rummaged through several possessions before leaving.

Thomas said police weren't sure late Wednesday what the men took, aside from cell phones belonging to some of the people inside the house.

No one was injured.

Police allowed people back inside the house about 11 p.m. but continued to search in and around the house for clues.

Thomas said police didn't know yet whether the victims knew the men.


sustainabilitysister 11 years ago

I had to search for this story because it was not on the local page online. The only reason I was looking for it was because I live in that neighborhood and passed several cop cars going home last night. I asked my parents if they read the paper this morning which they did and asked them what they thought about the home invasion in my neighborhood. They asked my what I was talking about because they didn't see a story about anything of that nature. Perhaps it's because it was on page 2B at the bottom headed "Briefly", sub headed in tiny font "Police Investigate armed home invation" right next to the Obituary Policy which is even in larger font. If you look at this page, the rest of the headings are quite large. Would this story have been easier to find had it happened in a west Lawrence neighborhood rather than on the east side? We can't help out our neighborhoods if we don't know what's happening in them.

OldEnuf2BYurDad 11 years ago

"went to a room in the back of the house and rummaged through several possessions"

A specific room. They were looking for drugs, I'm sure.

JoRight 11 years ago

Well, sure is heck they weren't looking for valuable possessions on the east side lol. If they were, well, worst robbers ever.

TheHeartlessBureaucrat 11 years ago're saying that no one has anything of value on the east side of town?


Emily Hadley 11 years ago

The following is reproduced from the community information page. As there are no names or even exact addresses, this shouldn't require the 'innocent until proven guilty' and 'no guarantee of accuracy' disclaimers, but just so you know... strange that they made someone go into a house that wasn't even hers. Good thing everyone came out OK. This was apparently one of THREE armed robberies that took place in one night here!!

'A 21 year old Topeka, Kansas, woman reports she was asleep in the passenger seat of a friend's vehicle at the rear of the residence, when she was awakened by the vehicle door opening. The victim reports two black males were standing beside the vehicle covering their faces with masks and shirts. The victim reports she observed that both men had guns. The victim reports the men ordered her to go into the residence. As soon as the men were inside, the men ordered the 21 year old female, a 20 year old female, a 5 year old female and a 3 year old female to get on the floor. Two other children, a 4 year old female and a 1 year old female were asleep in a bedroom at the time of the incident. The 21 year old female reports she grabbed the 3 year old and 5 year old and laid over them to protect them. The 20 year old female victim reports the two men forced her to walk into a bedroom and demanded money, and demanded that she produce all the purses in the house. The 20 year old reports she emptied her purse and the two men left with two cell phones valued at $40.00. The two women report one of the suspects ran out the front of the residence and the other ran out the back. The two suspects are described as a black male, about 20 years old, approximately 6 feet tall, weighing about 200 pounds, and a black male about 20 years old, about 5'11" tall, weighing about 180 pounds. The larger suspect was last seen wearing black pants, a black "hoodie," black tennis shoes, two shirts under the "hoodie," one with blue writing on it. The smaller suspect was last seen wearing black jeans, two "Stafford" long black t-shirts, and his face was covered with a navy blue pin-striped button shirt. The investigation continues.'

Sigmund 11 years ago

I hate to ask, but could someone send my the link the LPD site? I promise to bookmark it this time.

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