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Help lacking

May 30, 2007


To the editor:

On May 19 my husband (who is disabled) was fishing at the Clinton Lake spillway. He fell in the water, and it took him several minutes to get back up the bank - injured and bleeding - while at least seven fishermen didn't even offer to help.

What a pathetic example of the human race.

Carol Ferrett,



temperance 11 years ago

The letter writer must be from New Orleans, what with her expectations of a free handout. So typical Mr. Ferrett waited around and frantically flapped his arms in the water expecting someone to take time away from their Memorial Day experience to help him. Instead of writing this snotty letter, Mrs. Ferrett should thank the fishermen all seven of them. Yes, thank them for trying to instill that Greensburg-style pluck and independence by their inaction. By modeling American individualism, the fisherman gave Mr. Ferrett an invaluable gift.

[sarcasm context here:]

lunacydetector 11 years ago

that place is dangerous, especially now that the corps of engineers is releasing a ton of water due to high lake levels. i'd be reluctant to jump in as well.

on may 15th a jw article said...."The Corps was releasing 3,200 cubic feet per second Monday, Ruona said. That will have the Wakarusa roaring. On a normal day, the Corps releases about 20 cubic feet per second into the river."

i wonder why the wife didn't jump in?

geekin_topekan 11 years ago

You mean all the other fishermen were anarchists and they knew their help was not wanted as in Greensburg? Maybe they feared a frivilous lawsuit.Better safe than sorry.

temperance 11 years ago

anarchist fishermen! I love it!

"I would like a tuna burger, hold the government." (slightly plagiarizing The Vandals . . .)

Dorothy Hoyt-Reed 11 years ago

Did he yell out that he needed help? There seems to be a new culture that is afraid to ask for help. Some people will wander around the store forever, and not ask for help. I have students who will not ask for help when they don't understand something. Some will even tell you they don't need help when you ask them. Then when they fail, they will say they didn't understand. I wasn't present when this incident happened, but most people I know would have been there to help, if they were aware that the man needed it.

trinity 11 years ago

lunacy the wife didn't jump in 'cos she was busy counting fisherman&writing the incident up on a napkin so she could send it to the paper in editorial form.

Bill Chapman 11 years ago

It has been my experience that people are generally self-absorbed, self-interested, insensitive, and just plain "don't give a damn" about anything that does not directly effect them.

Do something that effects them however, and you will see a long string of never-ending reasons why someone should have done something to help them.

altarego 11 years ago

I am a better person than all of you because I am above all this self righteous indignation.

Kat Christian 11 years ago

What the heck was his by the spillway in the first place? If the Corp of E was releasesing water then it would have made it even more dangerous to be around it. That was careless on his part, especially being handicapped. I'm glad he didn't drown, but I hope in the future he uses more sense and stay away from dangerous situations like that. PS I don't think I would have jumped in either - but have call 911.

ksdivakat 11 years ago

Geez.....she is right, how pathetic.....would it have mattered if the wife was there? The guy is disabled for goodness sake, Im ashamed that Im from this town sometimes, all people are worried about is their political stand, the lefty loonies or the retarded righwings, or whatever they call them, and if there is religion involved then its time to crucify whomever has an opinion other than theirs on it, and furthermore, what happened to just good old fashioned human kindness? Im afraid to think what would have happened to the man had he not been able to pull himself up...would those 7 men have sat there and watched him die? Thats preety scary, that a fellow human being would not stand up and lift a helping hand to a disabled man. Karma karma karma!!!! I wouldnt want to be any of those heartless fishermen today.......

Oracle_of_Rhode 11 years ago

Fisherman are a pathetic example of the human race! Hilarious! Was your husband drunk, by chance?

reginafliangie 11 years ago

From somebody that works in a First Responder agency, first rule of thumb, "do not make more patients". I agree that somebody probably had a cell phone and could of called for help or somebody could of tossed him a branch or even extended a fishing pole to help the man out. But in the same breath, if I was disabled, I certainly wouldn't have been doing that type of hobby without somebody responsible being with me. People need to use common sense.

temperance 11 years ago

The letter writer has an obvious bias. I'm not going to pass judgment until I hear from the seven fishermen. After all, there are two sides to every story or, potentially in this instance, eight sides . . .

Linda Endicott 11 years ago

So if the guy had drowned, it would have been okay, even though there were 7 supposedly able-bodied people there that could have helped in some way, because he shouldn't have been there in the first place?

As a First Responder, do you only choose to help people that you deem used "common sense"? Do you ignore the ones that you think were just asking for it?

pelliott 11 years ago

most people do nothing when faced, some people say the other person should do it. some say the person is undeserving of help, some say that they wouldn't of fallen in if their mother had been decent, some people walk over and give a second of their time to help someone out of the water. That person wasn't there that day. All it would of taken was one out of 7, I am glad he made it out. People are ridiculed and cheated if they offer a hand or need one. The do nothings are pathetic, they live cowardly uninvolved lifes and lie to themself and to others. Be grateful for the 1 out 10, they keep the world going, unhappily there is the 1 out of 10 that would of taken the opportunity to steal his pole. Yeah, a lot of do nothings out there. maybe more everyday. Good luck at shaming the airbag hatemongering scumbags. Just remember if you see someone who acts, who is responsible for their small corner, give them a smile and the benefit.

Linda Endicott 11 years ago

The least they could have done was call 911. Surely ONE of them had a cell phone. Almost everyone does anymore. How long would it have taken to make a phone call?

reginafliangie 11 years ago

As a First Responder, you do what you can without making yourself part of the problem. It doesn't matter what kind of "common sense" they had. I have seen it all. I help out no matter what. But if the water was flowing as the paper recently reported, jumping in after him would of potentionally added more victims to the mix and could of resulted in alot more injuries or even death. Maybe some of the fishermen couldn't swim. Maybe they just didn't care. No one but the ones who were there know what happened. I can only be responsible for myself and my actions. I wasn't there, had I been I would have done what was in my powers to help. Some people are afraid to help, others fear repocussions if they do. I can't explain why people don't help others. I know I do on a daily basis, without questioning how people got into the situation. Also, it would help to know what type of "disablity" the man had. If he had a cane, walker, crutches or wheelchair then his disablity would of been apparent, unfort, some disablities aren't noticable to actually be seen, like altzimers, parkisions, etc.

reginafliangie 11 years ago

Just trying to make sense out of helping others. Sorry if I offended you.

50YearResident 11 years ago

I see none of the posters here are fisherman that have fished at the spillway and none are sportsmen either. The man in the water was probably in no danger on drowning or he would have had seven other fishermen coming to his assistance. When the facts are sorted out I bet he was in the water less than knee deep and standing up. I know a lot of fishermen and every one of them would have given this man immediate help if the situation looked to be or was at all dangerous. And I would like to point out that spillway fishermen are not "White Trash".

minko224 11 years ago

I personally thought the man was frolicking in the water and that his cries were not those of help but squeels of delight!

TheHeartlessBureaucrat 11 years ago

So, the only option is to take this man BACK to the water, toss him in and then someone should go in and get him. That will set it right.

I'd use my time machine to make it all better but I'm still missing parts.


minko224 11 years ago

I think he'd feel lucky getting a baptism like that, those don't happen but once or twice in a lifetime. What religion is he?

altarego 11 years ago

No, greengoblin, it's not official yet.

Kam_Fong_as_Chin_Ho 11 years ago

Nobody here would have helped this man. Guaranteed. It's called diffusion of responsibility. When there are several people around, nobody makes the first move to help. If you're the only witness to a person falling, however, you're more likely to lend a hand.


bearded_gnome 11 years ago

"altarego (Anonymous) says:

I am a better person than all of you because I am above all this self righteous indignation. list end " an example of a self-canceling post. thanks for being so instructive, go find a superego.

bearded_gnome 11 years ago

thanks Righty and shockchalk. do wish for more detail. and most of all, I'm just glad the guy is all right after this.

Confrontation 11 years ago

I doubt the wife was there, and she is just being overly dramatic. She claims that he's disabled. Was this obvious to every other person around there? Did he lack legs and fall out of a wheelchair? Was he armless and fishing with his feet? Or, was it a bad back or something that no one else would notice. I seriously doubt that he called for help or made it obvious that he needed assistance. I'm surprised the wife didn't add lightning or space aliens to this letter. I bet he's embarassed that she sent this to the paper.

Confrontation 11 years ago

Also, can we blame this man for wanting to get out of the house? (and away from her!)

altarego 11 years ago

If I could go back and forward in time, I would have helped him. Because I am a good person, and you all are bad people. I would have helped him up the bank (if you don't believe me, ask me), assisted him in getting to the hospital, and then taken him out for some beer and some wangs at the new Hooters downtown.

I hope you all feel guilty now about what may or may not have happened or what will likey happen either in the past or the distant or not too distant future.

LaughingWater 11 years ago

You'd take him to town for some wangs? If that's his cup of tea, I think Mrs. Ferrett has a lot more to complain about than a couple of complacent fishermen.

trinity 11 years ago

oh for god's sweet sake, i can't believe that so many are categorizing the fisherfolks who allegedly "did nothing" as "not good people", selfish, negligent, and a host of other labels that've been bestowed upon them. you DON'T know the entire story, you DON'T have a clue what all actually went down that day, so get the H off your high horses&quit acting like you're jesus reincarnate or something. gawd.

i gots to get some coffee in me before i read any more.

shockchalk 11 years ago

Good points Bearded Gnome. I am glad to hear that he is okay.

temperance 11 years ago

More like the Hobbes Award . . .

Charles L. Bloss, Jr. 11 years ago

Maybe they aren't white trash but I bet Sunshine noise is right. I bet they can't clean a carp. Hell I have fished on and off for 60 years and I can't clean a carp. I never fished for carp though. Anyway I think the comment is awesome, I am still laughing and I read it five minutes ago. Thank you Sunshine, Lynn

bearded_gnome 11 years ago

wow, you guys are amazing: 1. trash the guy who fell in; 2. trash his wife for writing; 3. trash the inactive, statuesque fishers [the new PC term]; 4. trash anybody who fishes at the spillway--whitetrash; 5. trash the first responder who responded to this article; 6. trashed the guy's disability for maybe not being obvious enough--like that should matter; 7. trashed lefties and right wingers 8. trashed anyone reading these comments!

wasn't there, don't know the couple involved or any of the nacent whitetrash. but, geez. wife writes with a complaint, and you guys have the guy going out to get away from her!

so, I'd like to say, to the wife, sorry, but glad your husband is okay. he did get out, by himself? or with your help? thank God he's okay. am I to understand from your letter that your husband felt terror in the water, if so, I hope he's calming down now. I'm sorry you've had such comments placed under your letter to the editor. sometimes it is hard for others to step up and help. sometimes people really don't know, or are just stupid or selfish, but who knows. your letter does leave out a lot of detail such as the nature of your husband's disability. good luck, and I hope he keeps on fishing and going out to enjoy the world, don't let this slow him down.

greengoblin 11 years ago

Please tell me there's not a Hooters in downtown Lawrence. If so, that town is officially gone........

Linda Endicott 11 years ago

You could be right, could be because of the group mentality thing.

It could be because of fear of reprisal.

But how long does it take to call 911?

The problem I have with it is that any one of those other fishermen would have wanted help if the situation had been reversed. That's what I see as selfish about their attitudes.

Jayhawkbanker 11 years ago

No offense, but why did she write the letter to the Editor of the paper? What does she think the Editor is going to do about the situation???

altarego 11 years ago

"an example of a self-canceling post. thanks for being so instructive Altarego:now, go find a superego."

My work here is done.

greengoblin 11 years ago

Thanks for that altarego. I can breathe a sigh of relief now. If only Lawrence would rid it's downtown of Abercrombie and Gap I might consider moving back. Recently, I heard the Casbah closed it's doors...too sad. No wonder people aren't helping fishermen in need, Lawrence is turning into Johnson County!

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