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Driver hospitalized after truck flips

May 30, 2007


A single-vehicle wreck early Tuesday sent a Lawrence man to the hospital.

Shortly after midnight, Ray Ramey, 44, was driving south on Barker Avenue when he lost control, flipping his truck into a tree on the west side of the 2100 block. Ramey, who police said suffered nonlife-threatening injuries to his head, was flown by helicopter to a Kansas City area hospital, where he was in serious condition late Tuesday afternoon.

Police are investigating the cause of the wreck.


akt3 10 years, 7 months ago

As of late Tuesday night, Ray had been moved from the surgical ICU unit. He suffered no broken bones or internal injuries. He had surgery for lacerations to his head. His family was not notified for many hours after the accident. About 9 hours later we were able to locate him. This is not acceptable. His registration was current, he is a local resident as is his father, having the same last name. His cell phone was in the pocket of the pants he had on. It had many local phone numbers and contacts on it.

Our thanks go out to the Dg Co Fire and Medical and the ambulance dispatchers who were able to cut thru the red tape at the receiving hospital, and finally give us definite information. Ray told us that he was wearing his seat belt. If you could see his vehicle, you would realize the importance of a seat belt.

barkerave 10 years, 7 months ago

We on Barker Ave are glad to know that Mr. Ray is recovering and am sure that his family has suffered as a result of the anxiety of the accident and struggling to get definitive information. Without a doubt, wearing a seatbelt was critical. We the residents living on Barker Avenue did see the vehicle. Lets us also remind everyone that a vehicle is a necessity for travel but when used improperly is an assualt weapon. It is estimated that the vehicle was traveling between 40-50 miles per hour at least. Mr. Ray never hit the brakes before the vehicle struck the tree. The tree served as a protective barrier. It is easy to project that truck would have slammed into an eldery woman's house had not it not hit the tree after vearing off the road. This is a residential neighborhood. Children walk along the sidewalk and ride bikes. Many people walk their dogs or just walk in this neighborhood. The driving was criminally reckless. Anyone could easily have been victim of the accident besides Mr. Ray who created and suffered from his own risk. Thank goodness that a tree fortiously protected people sleeping in their houses and that no one was walking along the sidewalk where the vehicle came to rest upon its side. Mr. Ray screamed and cursed at the policeman and caregivers who came to his aide. All of whom behaved professionally. Yes, we should wear seatbelts and remember that vehicles when operated recklessly can become an assault weapon.

akt3 10 years, 7 months ago

Between manuevering the roundabouts, dodging the pot holes, islands, and cars parked on both sides of the street, it's a wonder anyone gets anywhere. Oh and don't forget swerving for the possums. I used to travel that street after midnight on my way home from work. It must be a nightmare for emergency vehicles.

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