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LHS has 413 new alumni

Nathan Padia dances his way toward receiving his diploma during the Lawrence High School graduation ceremony at Kansas University's Allen Fieldhouse. LHS graduated 413 students on Sunday.

Nathan Padia dances his way toward receiving his diploma during the Lawrence High School graduation ceremony at Kansas University's Allen Fieldhouse. LHS graduated 413 students on Sunday.

May 28, 2007


LHS grads reflect on high school years

There was plenty of pomp and circumstance this afternoon as hundreds of seniors became graduates as Lawrence High students graduated first this afternoon. Enlarge video

Krystal Kayhill had officially graduated from Lawrence High School, and one major thought entered her head.

"It's just a big, huge relief that we don't have to worry about homework every night," she said.

Kayhill admitted bigger challenges were to come, as she plans to attend Haskell Indian Nations University in the fall. But Sunday she celebrated with her graduating class of 413 students, whom she called a diverse group that got along well.

LHS administrators and Lawrence school board members were happy to honor the LHS Class of 2007, which was lauded for achievements in academics, activities and athletics. Principal Steve Nilhas remembered a class that exhibited strong school spirit.

"Rest assured the feeling is mutual," Nilhas said. "LHS loved you all as well."

Administrators had decided Friday to move LHS and Free State High School graduations into Kansas University's Allen Fieldhouse because of construction around KU's Memorial Stadium. The fieldhouse was stuffy for the 1 p.m. ceremony, and several in attendance fanned themselves with programs or took breaks to find cooler air.

But family and friends mixed in loud cheers and air horns at different times to honor the graduates. G.R. and Amy Laughlin said they were happy to see their oldest daughter, Brittany Ann, graduate despite the heat inside the fieldhouse.

In a speech she delivered at both ceremonies, Sue Morgan, Lawrence school board president, urged graduates to take action as they moved forward.

"The future is not where you are going, guys. It's what you are creating, and education is your ticket to create a better future for all of us," she said.

In a joint address, graduating students Julia Barnard and Sam Huneke - who was one of the class valedictorians - characterized the class as hard-working.

"We have years left in our young lives, ones in which to mature and develop," Barnard said.

Kelsey Pinnick told her classmates their high school experience provided them with necessary tools.

"Now it is our job to start painting a picture and living our lives," she said.

Student Amanda Weishaar was honored as LHS Citizen of the Year, and English teacher Mike Carriger was named Outstanding Teacher of the Year, awarded by the senior class.

Before the ceremony, Mercades Beckum, who plans to attend Johnson County Community College, said she was ready to move on but cherished her favorite high school memories, like senior prom.

"I'm excited, nervous and scared," she said.

Jeremy Bell calmly stood in line waiting to take his seat. He is trying to finalize plans to attend Washburn University in Topeka to study industrial technology and business administration, an interest he discovered at LHS.

"I'm ready for graduation to start and to get it over with, so I can see where the rest of my life is going to go," Bell said.

Chase Johnson plans to attend KU in the fall to study business. The line of classmates in front of him couldn't move fast enough.

"Let the party begin. I'm done and just going to celebrate," he said.

Lawrence High School class of 2007

These Lawrence High School students graduated on Sunday:AnneMarie J. Ahlert, Syed F. Ahmed, Jasmine C. Al-Mulki, Fatima M. Alenezy, Ella K. M. Altenbernd, David G. Anderson, John M. Anderson, Sam W. Anderson, Travis W. Andregg, Kimberly Anorath, Hillary F. Anthony, Joseph W. Armstrong, Angelika Arts, Thomas W. Ashe, Nicholas S. Atwell, Kale P. Atwood, Cedric T. Austin, Matthew C. Austin, Matthew W. Avila, Sydney N. Ayala, Zachary J. Bachert, Brock R. Bailey, John A. Barber, Julia A. Barnard, Marcus L. Barnoskie, Derek C. Battiest, Alexandria M. Beckum, William N. Beebe, Jill L. Been, Jeremy D. Bell, Paul P. Bender, Daniel P. Bentley, Lucas M. Bergstrom, Aysylu N. Biktimirova, Shane M. Billig, Kasandra L. Birch, Jesse A. Birdling, Travis W. Bland, Elena N. Boeth, Brett T. Bohmann, Adam M. Booth, Timothy M. Borer, Rebecca L. Bost, Trenton L. Boster, Kayla R. Bowers, Caitlin H. Bowlin, Lillian L. Boyce, Amy L. Breithaupt, Kaitlan E. Brenn, Tanille S. Bressler, Janae C. Britt, Keisha J. Brown, Malcolm J. Brown, Taylor L. Brown, John O. Brubaker, Calib T. Bryson, Alaa G. Bukhari, Genevieve R. Busby, Kevin J. Calton, Laura M. Carley, Marrisa J. Carley, Luke R. Carlson, Lydia M. M. Caron, Ashlee E. Carr, Jose I. Carvajal-Regidor, Stephanie K. Castor, Nicholas A. Chance, Daniel K. Chandra, Spencer B. Chapin, Rebecca L. Chappell, Loan A. Chau, Micaela Chavez, Sarah A. Clark, Sarah L. Clark, Samantha B. Claypool, Jesse E. M. Coatney, Logan G. Cochran, Amber L. Coffman, Natalie A. Colamarino, Whitney E. Coleman, Tara D. Collins, Katlyn R. Conroy, Derek R. Cook, Tara L. Cook, Emily K. Coon, Christopher R. Coons, Amber N. Cooper, Michael D. Copeland, Kyle J. Craig, Arsenio J. Criss, Justine E. Cross, Vincent L. C. Culp, Abbey L. Curtis, Lacey J. Dasenbrock, Laura M. Davis, David N. DeBiasse, Richard M. Demby, Bryant M. Denning, Kaylee M. Denning, Skyler Detherage, Brianna L. Di Iorio, Jessica M. Dirks, Rebecca C. Dirks, Chelsea R. Dirks-Ham, April C. Dodge, Sam R. Donnell, Lillian J. Duermeier, Mark S. Dunlap, Jesse L. Edmonds, Kayla R. Eidson, Kristina M. Erskin, Mette Esbensen, Jasmine C. Escobedo, Jeremy Q. Evans, Ethan E. Ezell, Uliti W. Fangupo, Emmett L. Farmer, Kimberly L. Ferguson, Christopher D. Fieger, Paul R. Finch, Kathleen N. Finnegan, Jay F. Fishburn, Madeline J. Fister, Colin D. Flanders, Ann E. Flory, Kelly M. Forsyth, Jessica M. Foster, Kendall S. Francisco, Amanda J. Fredrickson, Anthony W. Frei, John W. Frick II, Kylie E. Fritzel, Diana N. Fuentes, Austin J. Fuller, Danielle R. Gaffney, Travis D. Gage, Matthew Q. Galloway, Rachel L. Gardner, Matthew C. Gelvin, Hanna L. Gentry, Megan S. Gentry, Andrea M. Gilliam, Steven S. Glasker, Megan M. Glotzbach, Ian D. Golden, Kelsey N. Golden, Steven A. Gonce, Heather M. Goodin, Brandon L. Goodwin, Elizabeth M. Gragg, Ian J. Graham, Daniel T. Green, Jessica L. Green, John O. Green, James A. Greenfield, Katelin R. Grom, Andrew D. Grover, Jordan S. Guntert, Timothy A. R. Hagen, Kandice M. Hall, Spencer E. Hamm, Maxwell M. Harrell, Casey S. Harrington, Samuel L. Harwood, Kyle J. Hatfield-Hackl, Daryl S. Hayes Jr., Samantha J. Hays, Matthias L. E. Heilke, Kelly E. Heiman, Jamie L. Henderson, Kendra L. Hermann, Joshua L. Hertlein, Zachary T. Hertzel, Erika S. Hierl, Dane G. Hill, Rebecca L. Hinshaw, Scott K. Hird, Katelyn S. Hobbs, Kyle W. Hodge, Brandon T. Holland, Kaley O. Houk, Brian A. Houle, Jessica C. Hovland, Andrew C. Hulse, Samuel C. Huneke, Evan M. Hunter, Mary Ann E. Ikhimokpa, Dustin F. Jacobsen, Shawn A. Jimboy, Charnele M. Johnson, Elizabeth A. Johnson, Jeremy V. Johnson, Patrick W. Johnson, Steven C. Johnson, Abby M. Jones, Garrett W. Jones, Nolan P. Kappelman, Krystal L. Kayhill, Kara R. Kellison, Lauren E. Kelly, Lindsay A. Kemple, Dean M. Kemppainen, Olson J. Kilmer, Benjamin C. Kincaid, Courtney N. Kincaid, Ryan G. King, Marianne E. Klovning, Ivy M. Knight, Jaime L. Kreczmer, Tara S. Kreie, Nicole R. Krische, Michael C. Krumm, Leland J. Kueser, Jeremy J. Landon, Benjamin W. Langston, Christine D. Laskowski, Daniel E. Lassman, Tyler K. Lau, Brittany A. Laughlin, Jaeryong Lee, Brittany N. Lentz, Briana J. Lewis, Isaac S. Lewis-O'Connor, Mallory J. Liss, David T. T. Liston, Jason M. Little, Theresa R. Little, Ji S. Liu, Kevin M. Logan, Jessica A. Long, Lisa L. Lord, Alyssa G. Lorenz, Jacob R. Lorenzo, Eric C. Loux, Emily A. Loyd, Michael B. Ludwick, Lisa D. Madison, Logan T. Marienau, John-Francisco A. Marino, Brooke A. Massey, Katherine E. Mather, Nicolette J. Matthews, Erin M. Mayer, Katie M. McClain, Jenny R. McGee, Sara M. McGuire, Taylor D. McIntyre, Jace C. McNabb, Kyle G. McTaggart, Emma K. Mercer, Mark H. Mercer, Alison K. Mesler, Austin K. Meyers, Zachary A. Michael, Tiffany Miller, Amanda S. Moeller, Kelsey P. Montgomery, Megan A. Moore, Robert P. Moore Jr., Kelley L. Morain, Kelly B. Morgan, Emily J. Moseley, Daniel M. Moses, Joseph C. Muiller, William D. Nagengast Clare O. Nderagakura, Ian A. Nelson, Sequoia A. S. Newman, Erik A. Nice, Emilie M. Nikodym, Marion J. Novotny, Kristen L. Ohlemeier, Scott K. Ollila, Edward D. Olson, Trevor J. Pacheco, Nathaniel B. Padia, Christopher J. Paradies Daniel R. Parker Edward J. Parker, Mindy L. Parmer, Jenna D. Pash, Gregory M. Payne, James C. Payne, Jeremy M. Peaches, Crystal D. Pedram, Samantha B. Pedraza, Joshua A. Penaloza, Cassandra R. Pennewell, Kristin W. Penny, Tara K. Perdue, Hannah E. Peterson, Kelsey E. Pike, Kelsey L. Pinnick, Alexander S. Plotnikov, Anthony I. Pokphanh, Jacob R. Pool, Jessica R. Potter, Kaylie J. Price, Caleb J. Quaye, Morteza Rabii, Katelynn J. Ragland, Jerimiah C. Rapada, Dustin M. Ray, Brittney D. Raybern, Daniel D. Reed, Edward J. Reed, Jessica L. Reeves, Henry J. Reiske, Emily J. Renfro, Taylor J. Renfro, Vanessa N. Rials, Chance M. Riley, Caitlin A. Roach, Bryant D. Roberts, Brittany A. Rodriguez, Matthew V. Rogers, Angela N. Romero, Nicholas Romero, Nathan D. Roush, Michael J. Rubow, Genevieve M. Rucker, Christopher L. Russell, Claudio A. Salazar-Lopez, Chase M. Samuels, Abhimanyu D. Sandal, Maryl K. Sartin, Jacob F. Schultz, Justin P. Schuyler, Brandon S. Schwager, Elise F. Sechler, Sydney K. Seratte, Audrey L. Seybert, Chelsea K. Sharbono, Zachary L. Shawano, Samual D. Shelton, Amanda I. Sheppard, Cody G. Sherman, Lydia R. Shontz, Leanna R. Siefkas, Andrew P. Sigler, Jalisa R. Simms, Jaimee L. Simpson, Jessica T. Sims-Gousse, Gina E. Skinner, Marin M. Skoro, Ashley M. Smith, Dylan H. Smith, Paula M. Smith, Kyle T. Snyder, Hannah E. Somers, Samantha M. Sparkes, Dequesne D. Sprow, Nicole M. Stallings, Jeffrey D. Standing, Daniel S. Stemmerman, Evelyn J. Stites, Riley K. Storm, Sadie D. Stringer, Adrienne L. Struble, Rose K. Tarman, James S. Taylor, Michelle M. Taylor, Walter M. Teal, Alyssa C. Thiel, DeShaunta R. Thompson, Matthew C. Thompson, Heather D. Tidd, Sydnei E. Tolefree, Patrick M. Tomei, Andrew J. Torres, Emily C. Torres, Andrew R. Toyne, Minh T. Truong, Olena A. Tsiovkh, Adrian S. Tubbs, Mark E. Turner, Michael J. Valverde, Joseph M. Varberg, Brandy M. Vervynck, Abby H. Vestal, Riley M. Vogel, Allyson K. Voss, Clarissa A. Wagner, Nicholas W. Wagner, Phillip J. Wahwahsuck, Joanna M. Wakeman, Will H. Watts, Brianne E. Webber, Cody R. Weber, Alex J. Webster, Sarah A. Wehrle, Maya C. Weil, Amanda M. Weishaar, Alexia S. Welch, Darren E. Wesbecker, Jenica L. Wessels, Austin Y. Whipple, Joel T. White, Antonio C. Williams, Jessica L. Williams, Kati M. Williams, Michael T. Willmert, Andrew J. Wilson, Tracy L. Wilson, Matthew F. Windheuser, Matthew G. Wingert, Brittany L. Wisdom, Kaitlin J. Woolery, Kevin C. Workman, Amanda M. Wright, Natacha R. Wright, Sylvia R. Yimer and Baoqing Zhou.


laodiva 10 years, 10 months ago

He was not giving us the finger. He was simply dancing and snapping his fingers while receiving his diploma.

number3of5 10 years, 10 months ago

Of all the wonderful things that happened at the LHS graduation, why would you show a picture of a young man giving the finger at the camera. Has the Journal World sank below standards on this one? It is vulgar and rude for this young man to make such a gesture, but it is disrespectful to the other graduates for the Journal World to choose to use this in the paper.

oldvet 10 years, 10 months ago

I'm glad that I wasn't the only one who (at first glance) thought he was getting ready to flip the bird at LHS... looking close, you can see that he is snapping his fingers, but... come on, LJW, this is too close to have used this picture... I'll bet every kid at LHS sees him giving the school the bird!

Christine Pennewell Davis 10 years, 10 months ago

they should have given the kids back their beach balls.

wordsofwisdom 10 years, 10 months ago

Pay closer attendion number3/oldvet........Look at his FACE, his SMILE and look at the announcers SMILE....along with the caption, it should be easy to realize he is having a good time. I was at the graduation, and there was laughter and cheering as he did this. The kid was just happy...nothing negative was going on. I think he deserved to be in the paper.

number3of5 10 years, 10 months ago

I did not say he did not deserve to be in the paper. All of you do gooders may see him as just having a good time. I have worked with the youth of today and know that they put inunendos and gestures out there just for fun and if they can pull the wool over your eyes, the better and happier they feel.

Bubarubu 10 years, 10 months ago

You work with the youth and yet can't think anything but the worst of them? Can't make a single positive comment about more than 400 of them getting diplomas? Shame on you.

To put this thread back where it belongs, congratulations to all of the new grads. Good work, and good luck.

Sean Livingstone 10 years, 10 months ago

Where is our humor? Why are we debating whether that is the "finger" or not? I bet if everyone was laughing, it must be real good. The center finger is nothing if you don't treat it like that bird. It's the mind that makes the difference and not that finger.

auturgy 10 years, 10 months ago

Leaving during the ceremony?! How incredibly rude.

Parents these days...

ScarlettCheeks 10 years, 10 months ago

I graduated that day from LHS and you are all wrong HE IS SNAPPING HIS FINGERS and doing a dance NOT giving the finger. I thought that was clear but since it's not I'll tell you so. :)

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