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Nearly the first breath

The best part of my day, any day, is the beginning of my day.

May 22, 2007


The best part of my day, any day, is the beginning of my day.

My day, since I have been home from Afghanistan, has nearly always started with my morning cup of good, strong, black tea and the morning newspaper. Somehow or another reading the morning newspaper has become important. It is the local background or, reconnaissance to my day before I turn on the radio for the Morning Edition news from National Public Radio.

All told, maybe 20 minutes has gone by with the dogs by my feet and the cup of tea now empty and cold. I've moved into the kitchen and pulled open the curtains over the windows. It's now time to get my breakfast ready and the mornings fare is two eggs, turkey sausage and a piece of toast to go along with my glass of juice and another bit of tea.

I like my eggs sunny side up with a dash of red pepper, garlic powder and a sprinkle of salt. My toast is buttered and I prefer honey over jams or, jellies.

The dogs are sitting in the corner watching every move. It seems to be their ritual that I now acknowledge their existence by pointing at the other room and clearly letting them know it's time to "Go." They pretty obediently leave the room with that little smile in their eyes and wagging their tails as they move out and into the next room.

Breakfast is the end of the beginning for me. The windows view out to the front lawn and with the bird feeders and bird bath the Baltimore Orioles, Robins, Redheaded Woodpeckers, sparrows and all the rest are just like me - feeding and getting ready for the day.

Now that breakfast is finished it is just that: Day.

Douglas Plummer is a fellow in the Citizen Journalism Academy.


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