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Lifting to the music!

I am amazed at how much stronger I feel, physically and mentally

May 22, 2007


I walk into the Body Boutique Women's Fitness Center a little before 9 a.m. I put my clothes and other stuff in a locker and head out to the aerobics floor. I join about 25 other women for an hour of step aerobics and abdominal toning. Many people would consider this a good workout for the day and so do I. But the next hour is the best one. For the next hour, my classmates and I work all of our major muscle groups by lifting weights to music. It's called Body Pump.

I have been lifting to the music every Tuesday and Thursday morning since mid-February. I am amazed at how much stronger I feel, physically and mentally. The feeling of community, the upbeat music and the determined encouragement of the instructors is what makes this class the most pleasant hour of the day for me.

Group exercise may not be for everyone but I find it motivating. There's something about working out with a group that makes me keep going even when I think I can't.

The instructors arrive and start the music. After we warm up we spend the next hour working our legs, chests, backs, glutes, hamstrings, triceps, biceps, shoulders and arms. At this point my classmates move to abdominals but I have to leave to get ready for work. I am sweaty and shaky, but I feel a sense of accomplishment. After a nice warm shower I leave the gym feeling invigorated, yet calm, and fortified to meet the challenges of the day.

For more information about Body Pump visit lesmills.com.

Joyce Stevens is a fellow in the Citizen Journalism Academy.


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