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Life is good

And May 10, 2007, was another terrific day

May 22, 2007


May 10, 2007, just a typical day in the life of this retiree. Waking up to the sounds of birds singing and of mourning doves cooing, I know that I can start my day at a somewhat leisurely pace. After enjoying seeing a hummingbird fly up to our feeder while my husband and I were eating breakfast, I head off to Fit for Life at LMH South. There I spend 45 minutes or so working out on various machines and getting a good workout under Vic's supervision. After stopping by my former workplace, Southwest Junior High School, for a quick hello, I'm off to have my hair expertly cut by Earl at Joda & Friends. Then I drop by LMH to visit on behalf of my church, Trinity Lutheran. Finally heading home, I'm set for an afternoon of newspaper reading, napping for a short period, sewing some quilt blocks for Lutheran World Relief quilts and watching some shows on the Food Network. ("Take Home Chef," please visit Lawrence soon!!) Following supper and more bird watching, I head off to a Stephen Ministry Continuing Education meeting at my church where we share and pray for our care receivers and others. At last I'm home and nod off to sleep after reading from a favorite book. Life is good, and May 10, 2007, was another terrific day.


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