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Lawrence exits to partially close during bridge work

Kansas Turnpike Authority to replace bridges over Kansas River

May 22, 2007


— Kansas Turnpike Authority officials Tuesday unveiled plans for its biggest project ever -- replacement of the double bridge in Lawrence over the Kansas River.

Construction on the estimated $140 million project is expected to start in May 2008, and will mean temporary inconveniences for drivers in and around Lawrence.

Starting in May 2008, there will be no westbound access to and from Plaza 202 -- the west Lawrence interchange -- for eight months. After that is finished, the east Lawrence interchange will be closed for eight months. Improvements are planned at both plazas.

"This project will be a challenge during construction but when it's finished, it will better serve our customers and improve access between east and west Lawrence," said KTA president and chief executive officer Michael Johnston.

Preparation work related to the project will start this month.

On Tuesday, the bridge that carries North Michigan Street over the Kansas Turnpike at milepost 202.2 will close for six months to eight months for reconstruction. When the Michigan Street project is complete, the Iowa Street bridge will close for similar reasons, also for six months to eight months.


concernedparent 11 years ago

Good that road between the west exit and east exit is awful.

toefungus 11 years ago

I hope Lawrence is prepared to improve or repair Iowa and 2nd street before the closures, or there will be a disaster. Imagine KU game day traffic when one or the other are closed.

average 11 years ago

Talk about nightmares. Game day ain't the half of it. The street to get pummeled the most will be the new northern Kasold. When the North Iowa Bridge is closed, where do the Paper Mill, Packerware, Purina, etc trucks go? Down Kasold (and around a few roundabouts, to add insult) to Peterson and back. Or down Michigan Street, just as bad. When the West Lawrence interchange is half-closed? Kasold to 6th to SLT? I hope the northern Kasold was built better than every other street this town has paved in the last 20 years.

My bet... the K-Mart distribution center will be close when the Iowa bridge goes. Certainly before the West Lawrence closure. Announcement coming soon.

DrPhugoid 11 years ago

Ah! time for personal flying machines!

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