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May 22, 2007


Josh Rosenau shot this spider during his "24 Hours in Lawrence" blogging.

Josh Rosenau shot this spider during his "24 Hours in Lawrence" blogging.

Not everybody sent their writing into the Journal-World to document their "24 Hours in Lawrence" day. Some of them blogged.

At "Thoughts from Kansas," Josh Rosenau took "a look at the activities of our tiniest residents" - craneflies, spiders, snakes, beetles and more.

He wrote about his encounter with a spider: "It appeared to have caught a small gnat in its web, but like a pedophile caught by an exploitative television news program, fled when the cameras got too close.

"While some people are afraid of spiders, they shouldn't be. Very few spiders are capable of hurting a human, and all spiders kill insects around the house or in the field. This spider constructed a lovely web between a few blades of grass, and its racing stripes definitely seemed to make it go faster."

Diane Silver at "In This Moment" didn't do any special blogging - instead, she concentrated on her usual topics: Politics

In this post, she talks about the proposed domestic partnership registry for Lawrence, and looks around the country to examine similar laws elsewhere.

"As of this writing, 72 governments in the United States provide domestic partner registries, according to the Human Rights Campaign's online database. These include four states Maine, New Jersey, Hawaii and California. The 68 cities and counties with registries range in population from 13,300 (Tumwater, Washington) to 9.9 million (Los Angeles County, California). Kansas City, Missouri, also offers a registry," she wrote.

Iowa City, she suggested, is closest to Lawrence's situation. "The home of the Iowa Hawkeyes, Iowa City's experience with its registry has been a happy one, city officials said in telephone interviews this week with In This Moment."

And finally, Paul Decelles of "The force that through..." wrote about commuting in this post.

Paul Decelles' wife gets in her pumpkin-colored car to start the day's commute.

Paul Decelles' wife gets in her pumpkin-colored car to start the day's commute.

"We don't all work in Lawrence. My wife and I both commute, she to Topeka and I to Overland Park from our townhouse near 1600 County Road. She leaves first at a few minutes before 7 since she has to get gas and stop for a bite to eat. No one can miss her pumpkin color Ford Probe," he writes.

Decelles takes the K-10 Connector bus to his job in Johnson County.

"The K-10 Connector costs $2.50 each way between Lawrence and Overland Park. But I buy a pass of 10 only rides for $15.00. That's a pretty good rate at current gas prices, since my Subaru gets about 25 miles to the gallon. That means it costs me about $6.00 a day to drive myself. Actually the difference is not that much since I had been car pooling with another professor. Both of us now ride the Connector."


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