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Police searching Tonganoxie for attempted murder suspect

Man wanted for beating and rape of Topeka woman

May 18, 2007


Errol Mustafa Sutton is being sought in Tonganoxie, in connection with an attempted murder Wednesday in Topeka.

Errol Mustafa Sutton is being sought in Tonganoxie, in connection with an attempted murder Wednesday in Topeka.

Law enforcement officers are searching in Tonganoxie this morning for an attempted murder suspect from Topeka.

Officers also are searching an abandoned red Buick Skylark near a Sonic Drive-In on U.S. Highway 24-40 in this southern Leavenworth County community.

Early this morning, a Tonganoxie police officer who was on routine patrol saw a car he thought was suspicious. The officer determined the car was stolen in Topeka.

A Topeka police officer, who is in Tonganoxie, said the attempted murder and rape occurred in North Topeka. The victim is a Topeka woman in her 40s. She is in a Topeka hospital, listed in serious condition.

Officers said they believe the Buick found in Tonganoxie belonged to the victim.

Officers said they interviewed a Tonganoxie resident who told them that he saw a man matching the suspect's description walking near the Sonic about 11 p.m. Thursday. A neighbor said he saw the car parked Wednesday in the neighborhood.

This morning, police also searched the Tonganoxie High School campus before allowing students inside.

Officers are using the Jefferson County K-9 unit in their attempt to find the suspect.

Officials identified the suspect as Errol Mustafa Sutton, a black male, 40, 5-foot-6-inches tall and 170 pounds. Police said residents should not try to approach Sutton, but contact 911 if they see him.

Telephone glitch

A Tonganoxie school district telephone system designed to keep parents informed about emergencies malfunctioned Friday morning.

The system had been put into operation to notify parents of a lockdown at Tonganoxie High School while law enforcement officials searched for a suspect in an attempted murder and rape that occurred Wednesday in Topeka. The victim's stolen car was found early Friday morning near the Sonic Drive-In across the street from Tonganoxie High School.

But instead of a message about the lockdown, the telephone system was playing rap music.


Emily Hadley 11 years ago

Sounds like a physical description could be added at this point.

spammer89 11 years ago

You would think so "breaking news" and all

Joel 11 years ago

Emily-- good call. It's in the story now.

TongieMom 11 years ago

Just got a call from the Tongie schools letting us know the situation and explaining why they are on lockdown. Thank goodness for the automated phone messaging system. I'm sure some parents may not have been aware of the situation.

angelofmine 11 years ago

I hope they catch this guy. I live a mile from 218th and Parallel....I don't want to worry about this creep being loose tonight or while my husband is at work tomorrow.

I'm very glad that the school system has run drills for these specific sort of occurrences prior to this and were prepared. My daughter will attend kindergarten there next year. Its good to know in advance that they have an organized procedure for situations like this.

concernedparent 11 years ago

I'm wondering why they still think he's in Tonganoxie? anyone know?

Kontum1972 11 years ago

answer: lots of barns to hide they never caught the person that waxed the Dollar Store employee,....never heard anymore about that one!

right Festus....! you bet Jethro!

Nick Combs 11 years ago

I love how rap music is now considered a malfunction. =)

Ken Miller 11 years ago

Has anyone checked to see if the automated system used by Tongie is the same/similar and/or made by the company that the Lawrence School District is considering????

Confrontation 11 years ago

This has to be terrifying for the locals. I remember when my small hometown was on the lookout for someone who killed a Salina couple. Although we were many miles away from Salina, someone near our town had reported possible sightings of the two murderers. Scary stuff. What's even scarier is that there are sick people like this always hiding around a city like Lawrence.

lmpaul 11 years ago

Advice? Go about your business and keep your eyes open. See anything/any weird? Call 911 and report it.l

MYOB 11 years ago

I hope it's not the same system..... I don't care for rap music!

angelofmine 11 years ago

Kontum1972 - The Dollar General Store robbery/murder happened in Bonner Springs, southeast of Basehor on K7 Highway. Not in Tonganoxie. The victim resided in Tonganoxie.

They will find this guy. In passing through this morning, they have all kinds of law enforcement out looking. Locals will be keeping their eyes open as well. I know I will.

angelofmine 11 years ago

They probably think he is still in the area because he fled on foot. He was last spotted in a rural area north of the city at 218th and Parallel.

Emily Hadley 11 years ago

Already on his way to Lansing or Leavenworth... on foot.

TongieMom 11 years ago

5'6" and 170 pds...unless he steals another car....he's not getting to far too quickly (although he did get away earlier this morning). However, I'm confident they'll catch him. They've got the helicopters up, the dogs out looking for him....not to mention the people who've loaded up their guns out in the rural areas of the county this morning. Just kidding...

angelofmine 11 years ago

I doubt he wants to be anywhere near Lansing or Leavenworth. Once he faces trial, he'll be hanging out in Lansing or Leavenworth quite a bit more than he'd like to. (Ha!)

Staci Dark Simpson 11 years ago

Yep I work at Genesis Christian academy and we are on lockdown too. No outside recess and even locking our classroom doors. Pretty sad when you go to work in the morning and its like they are filming Cops right outside. Hope they catch this thug. Tongie Mom, its true the rural people probably are loading their guns. Some country people are known for shooting back, can you blame them when they have to deal with this stuff?

pimp11 11 years ago

the dogs smelled his scent at 218th and parallel, then the dogs lost it....hmmmm wonder why. Theres a creek there and the property owner wouldnt by chance have a pond in the back!! As for the helicopters, those were the news crews, pretty sure they were gone by 10 this morning. I know that it costs lots of money to run those but come on, either get out there on foot and search for this jckss or cough up the money to protect the town!!

Its so wooded out there he could be anywhere. Hopefully the Sob is out of here. I know if I had a loaded gun I wouldnt be sitting here at the computer.

learner 11 years ago

It would be nice if there were a feature on this site for "related articles." I'd like to see the progress of this story, but I keep having to search.

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