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Investigator: Soldier’s DNA matches evidence

May 18, 2007


— Newly tested DNA evidence gathered after the 1985 rape and killing of an Air Force captain's wife matched a retired soldier who was acquitted nearly two decades ago, an investigator testified Thursday.

The Army recalled Master Sgt. Timothy B. Hennis to active duty last year to charge him in the rape and stabbing death of Kathryn Eastburn and the death of two of her young daughters.

Hennis was acquitted in a civilian court in 1989, but evidence connecting him to the crimes prompted the military to pursue charges.

Jennifer Leyn, a State Bureau of Investigation agent, testified during the second day of an Article 32 hearing, similar to a grand jury proceeding, that will determine whether military prosecutors have enough evidence to try Hennis. Closing arguments were expected today.

Leyn said she tested DNA evidence last year that was gathered 20 years ago in a rape kit. The sample was degraded but provided clear matches for both Eastburn and Hennis, she said.


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