Learning outside the lines: Home schooling in Kansas

Claire Hunt enjoys flexibility of home schooling

May 13, 2007


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Learning outside the lines

Hi, my name is Claire and I have been home-schooled for the past four years. I am a seventh-grader, and I am home schooled through the Lawrence Virtual School. There are a few things I would like to share with you about my view of home schooling. I will share my "likes" first and then share my "dislikes."

First of all, I like the flexibility of being home-schooled. For example, if a friend or relative has an emergency situation, we can postpone school in order to help them in their situation. Of course, flexibility could be something as simple as running to the store or taking a short walk for some fresh air.

Another reason I like home schooling is because you can go as fast or as slow you would need to. So if a person is struggling in math, they can go as slow as they need. Or if they excel at a subject, say history, they can speed through that subject.

The last reason I like home schooling is one of the more obvious reasons, NO HOMEWORK!!! That pretty much speaks for itself.

OK, I'm done with the "likes"; now for the "dislikes." One reason I don't like home school is that I can't talk to my friends between classes. That is not a huge problem, but it would be nice to talk to someone other than my mom or my brother once in a while. Don't get me wrong, I still see my friends ... just not during school.

The second reason I dislike home school is that you might have to do school even if you have just a little cold or fever. The final reason is everyone (especially adults) always joke about how funny it apparently is that "you never leave school." I mean, sure, the joke was funny the first or second time, but then it gets really old!

Thank you for reading my view on home school.


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