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Legislature will consider measures to help town

May 12, 2007


— The ceremonial end of the legislative session on May 22 will probably include some work to help Greensburg's reconstruction, leaders said Friday.

Measures are being prepared that will give officials the ability to respond to funding requests as they arise in connection with the tornado that killed nine and destroyed 90 percent of Greensburg.

Usually the end of the session is a formality, but this time some legislation related to Greensburg will require lawmakers' approval.

Also on Friday, Gov. Kathleen Sebelius signed an executive order eliminating the waiting week for unemployment benefits for workers affected by the storm.

"The people of Greensburg lost their homes and their livelihoods, and they shouldn't have to wait for help," Sebelius said. "This action will help speed benefits to them so they can begin the rebuilding process."

The order eliminates the waiting week for unemployment benefits for workers in Kiowa, Barton, Edwards, Phillips, Pratt and Stafford counties.

Meanwhile, Attorney General Paul Morrison cautioned consumers to be on the lookout for price gouging in storm-affected areas.

"We want consumers and businesses to know the Attorney General's Office is watching the situation in the Greensburg area very carefully and will not tolerate price gouging," Morrison said.

Price gouging can be reported to the office's consumer protection division at (800) 432-2310.


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