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Old Home Town - 25 years ago

May 11, 2007


A cost-cutting policy that reached to the highest levels of the administration was to eliminate air conditioning in 34 Kansas University buildings for the first part of the summer. There was to be no artificial cooling in those buildings, including the chancellor's residence, because utility costs, fueled by a 32 percent boost in the cost of natural gas, outstripped the amount budgeted for the 1982 fiscal year. Air conditioning was to be eliminated until July 1.

Officials of Braniff International Airlines, which had lost $160 million the previous year, initiated bankruptcy proceedings. Local travel agents were kept busy making new arrangements for those whose trips were due to be affected by the unexpected Braniff move.

Those without hotel and motel accommodations in Lawrence the coming weekend were unlikely to find any "room at the inn" because facilities were solidly booked for Kansas University commencement activities Friday through Sunday.


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