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Kmart distribution center violates rules

May 11, 2007


Kmart's distribution center in Lawrence was one of among 17 centers that had violated federal environmental regulations, drawing a $102,422 fine to settle with the Environmental Protection Agency.

The corporation disclosed its own violations of clean water, hazardous waste and emergency planning and preparedness regulations in distribution centers in 13 states.

John Askew, EPA Region 7 administrator in Kansas City, Kan., said the company would have been fined $1.6 million if the company hadn't self-disclosed its violations.

"In this case, Kmart discovered its own violations and came forward with a plan to fix the problems," Askew said in a statement.

The violations were found in a 2004 audit done by outside consultants.

Violations found at the Lawrence distribution center, 2400 Kresge Road, include:

¢ Failure to implement a spill prevention, containment and countermeasure plan.

¢ Failing to obtain pollutant discharge elimination permits.

¢ Not properly labeling hazardous waste containers.

¢ Not designating an emergency coordinator.

¢ Not notifying local or state emergency planning committees and failing to file a material safety data sheet.


marxisnotdead 11 years ago

I just love big business and corporate "oopses" that most likely are well known to the big business world. Doesn't everyone wish we could all "monitor" ourselves for violations. Who knows rates of murders, burglaries, assaults, rapes etc may all drop when we monitor ourselves, figure out our mistakes, say oops and go on with business.

asbarkincat 11 years ago

Its even better when you work there and no one said a word about it. So much for a raise this year, huh.

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