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County employees help in Greensburg

May 11, 2007


Local help is on the way to cleanup Greensburg

Heeding a call from state emergency management leaders for personnel with specific skill sets, a handful of Douglas County employees will assist the town in cleanup efforts. Enlarge video

The tornado-battered town of Greensburg is getting help from Douglas County government volunteers.

County Clerk Jamie Shew left for Greensburg on Wednesday. He will spend four or five days there providing administrative support.

Leaving today will be Jessica Holmes, a public safety dispatcher in the Emergency Communications Center; Ollis Wenger, a computer specialist in the Information Technology Department; and Jillian Blair, homeland security assistant with emergency management.

The Kansas Division of Emergency Management is coordinating relief efforts in Greensburg and has requested personnel with certain skills that these four county employees possess, said Teri Smith, acting director of Douglas County Emergency Management. Another team from Douglas County is expected to be sent next week, she said.


TheGoldenBoy 11 years, 1 month ago

One thing is for sure, dad is getting any younger. I know that he had his heart set on going to Greensburg for his high school class reunion on the 18th of this month. Maybe they will reschedule it for a later date!

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