Mother's Day essays

A Lawrence Journal-World Special Section • Sunday, May 6, 2007

Mother's Day 2007

Mother’s Day essays

May 6, 2007


She takes me to soccer practices, and she gives me snacks. She takes me to stores to get snacks. She takes me bowling and she wins. She buys me games for my Nintendo DS. She gives me free money for my bank. She bought me a furry little rabbit. She taught me how to play soccer. She taught me how to play board games.

My mom reads big books. She likes to play board games. She likes funny movies. She tucks me in at night. She buys me toys. She gives me very cool stuff.

- Shawn Spurling, 7, Wakarusa Valley School

Mother: Erica Spurling

We go shopping together. She loves to read. She loves me and cares for me. I love walks. They give good exercise to us and she is a nice grandma. She taught me to put on my shoes and socks and match my clothes. We sing. She loves me and hugs me and buys me things.

- Ashlee Wilson, 8, Wakarusa Valley School

Mother: Norita Wilson

What things do mom and I do? We take long walks by Clinton Lake. Mom and I wade in the water while fish nibble on our toes. (It tickles!)

We garden and plant food and flowers. We love to feel the dirt.

My mom is a great person and is kind and nice. Some things she does for me is cook, play and buys clothes for me. I love her food, including her rice casserole and cinnamon rolls!

When my mom teaches me how to do stuff, we have fun! When she shows me she loves me (which is every day), she cares, cooks for me and plays with me.

- Amanda Snodgrass, 8, Wakarusa Valley School

Mother: Denise Snodgrass

My mom taught me lots of things. She taught me how to sing, dance and play baseball. My mom is one of the most important people in my family. My mom does lots of things for me. Like helps me keep safe. She pays the bills, works as a teacher, and most of all she is my mom. She reads a book to me at night. She also helps me with my homework. My mom is like a flower on a hot summer day. When she reads she gets lost in the book and keeps reading it! Me and my mom do lots of things together. Me and my mom play baseball, Monopoly, Bighead and even cards. My mom loves me, and she gives me hugs and kisses and lots of candy. P.S. When my mom gets lost in a book she keeps reading it instead of playing with me.

- Braden Smith, 8, Wakarusa Valley School

Mother: Lisa Smith

My mom and I play together when we are bored. We used to sleep together when I was in first grade when I was scared. We played baseball outside when we are bored. She takes care of me when I'm sick. She cooks for me when I'm hungry. We talk about stuff I did in school. She throws the ball to me in baseball.

We play Sorry the game when my dad gets home. She tells me good night when I am going to bed. I watched a movie with her. We eat sandwiches. We wear our night clothes at the same time.

- Gage Works, 7, Wakarusa Valley School

Mother: Krystyna Works

My mom takes me places like Toys'R'Us and other places. My mom really really likes Rachael Ray. My mom never misses an episode. My mom covers me up at bedtime. She buys me a lot of stuff. My mom taught me to do some of my homework.

- Michael Tracy, 8, Wakarusa Valley School

Mother: Kim Roach

On some nights my mom and I go to the movies. Most of the movies we watch are funny. After that we go to my favorite restaurant, El Mezcal. Tomorrow, we'll go to the pool. She never says no to that! My mom teaches me how to help snakes.

She helps me with sports. She also helps me count my money. My mom sometimes pays for dinner and never complains. My mom buys toys that are expensive, but only if I really want them. My mom takes good care of me and my sister. My mom wouldn't buy toys for me if she didn't care for me.

If she didn't love me I wouldn't be protected. My mom is really funny sometimes. She is really smart. It's like a magnet - if it turns on, everything sticks to it. My mom used to play softball, so she's in good shape.

- Justin Howard, 8, Wakarusa Valley School

Mother: Lori Howard

My mom and I spend time together a lot. We went on a walk to the park and the store. She loves to play outside a lot with me, too. She buys me toys, but not all the time. Sometimes she buys toys for my brother.

Me and my mom went on a walk by ourselves. We heard birds together. They were singing together. My mom and I go to the store together to get drinks for our home.

- Quinton Cress, 7, Wakarusa Valley School

Mother: Jamie Cress

Our mommy is so special! She loves us very much. She loves us even when we are rotten. She loves our brother Jack when he has a poopy diaper and our daddy when he is sweaty and stinky and has not shaved his face. She comes to all of our soccer games and ballet recitals, and she claps really loudly. Our mom makes big special cakes every year on our birthday. She teaches us how to make cookies and teaches us words in Swahili like "Rafiki" and "mtoto." (They mean "friend" and "child.") She reads us lots of chapter books. Our mommy fixes our hair any way we want it. She helps others like when she went to Africa to build houses. Our mom loves to play with us and have fun with our family. She is the best mom in the whole world!

- Ella Isabel Keathley-Helms and Liliana Gabriel Keathley-Helms, age 6, Corpus Christi Catholic School, Lawrence.

My mom is very special because - well - she's my mom. She has stuck with me all through sixth grade and elementary school, and I know she will help me in junior high. She has always helped me with friend problems and homework. My mom is always driving me places. If she is not driving me somewhere, she is driving to get more gas. So this Mother's Day, she deserves a break.

My mom is a human resources manager at Del Monte and a great one at that. My mom also likes to do other things like read, go on walks and plant. She also likes everything to be in order.

- Ryan Gillihan, 11, Corpus Christi Catholic School

Mother: Kathleen Gillihan

When you are growing up, you need someone. For me, that someone is my mom. When you've had someone who has been with you since you were born, you know she's that someone. That someone will always be special.

My mom is in charge of several things, although she is a stay-at-home mom. She volunteers for multiple projects. For instance, she just finished working on a pictorial directory. She also works on my family's schedule. To tell you the truth, that is just about as difficult as a full-time job. But she does both with loving care.

My mother gives great advice. Sometimes her advice is wonderful, and I take it. Other times her advice is still exceptional, but I don't take it. And believe me, it is always a big mistake. And when I do take it, it makes a huge difference.

My mom always cooks new food for my family. And even if my brother thinks it looks gruesome, she will make him take a "no thank you" bite. She always wants us to try new things - not just food! She always encourages me to try a Spanish class or read a new book. I have learned that trying new things is good.

So as you can see, my mom really is a special someone. So when you are thinking about how much your mom bugs you, think about how much she really does for you, except for when she embarrass you.

- Zoe Reed, 11, Corpus Christi Catholic School

Mother: Mary Jo Reed

Mom. What a wonderful person! Even when we fight, I still love her. I try to make her Mother's Day special. She deserves it.

One way she's special is by communication. Sometimes I don't think I can talk freely with her. But most of the time I can. Mom will give me tips on what I should wear. She'll also help me make decisions. If I have a problem, she's always right there to help me.

One of my mom's personal qualities is her Italian. Thanks to the Italian, mom can make the best pasta ever. She's a terrific cook. Because mom was an art history major, she can tell me a lot about art. And I love that because I really enjoy art.

My mom and I also do activities together. That is, if you consider shopping an activity. That's what we love to do. She'll also help me practice volleyball and swim with me in the summer. We have tons of fun together.

My mom really wants me to become a doctor because it's a great career. I think my mom has great parenting skills. If I do something wrong that I know was wrong, then she'd be a good parent and punish me. I may not like it, but it's for my own good. But, of course, mom also loves and takes care of me.

- Alexandra Wendt, 12, Corpus Christi Catholic School

Mother: Amy Wendt

Mother's Day is coming up. I'm going to tell you about my mom.

During my seven years of school, my mom has helped me a lot. When I would have huge tests, she would help me study. When I would have projects, she also would help me. She would drive me to get supplies and help me think of ideas.

My mom is special because she gives good advice. If my friend and I are in a fight, she has good advice. It might go like this: "Take the high road, and don't make it worse." Another category of advice is shopping. She has good advice like "you're only going to wear that once" or "that's the better deal."

My mom cleans a lot. Sometimes she'll clean my room when I'm at school. It can get pretty messy. When I come home, she's cleaned all over! I think one of her hobbies is cleaning.

My mom is really special, whether it's school, advice or cleaning. My mom is a hard worker. She deserves a break this Mother's Day. I really love my mom. I think in the future she will be a great grandma.

- Hannah Stegall, 11, Corpus Christi Catholic School

Mother: Holly Stegall

There are at least a million reasons why I love my mom! I bet if I wrote them all down, the paper could circle the world 14 times.

When I was younger, I would get upset because I didn't think I could read. My mom is an experienced reading teacher. (I think that is so cool!) She always stuck with me even when I said I hated reading. Day after day, mom would have me read to her. She never once said I could not read; she always said I could do it. All our hard work paid off. I love reading, and I am a great reader. And I owe it all to mom.

But she does not just care about me, she cares about a lot of people - our friends, family and others. I remember when a boy fell off his bike in our neighborhood, and she ran over and helped him. When I saw them, I thought, "I have the most caring mom ever."

As you can see, my mom is the most caring, helpful, loving, best, smartest, coolest, funnies, and most-loved mom in the world.

I love her all the way to the moon and back. I have one thing to say to her: I love you!

- Maria Davies, 12, Corpus Christi Catholic School

Mother: Karen Davies

My mom is special because she's different. She wasn't born in America, and she can speak Arabic. I also believe she's unique because she's always busy, but she makes time for family. My mom also is a great charity worker. Here's a bit of my mom's biography:

My mom was born in Egypt. She stayed there until she was 4, and then she moved. By the time she left, she knew Arabic. My mom is a local OB/GYN specialist for Lawrence Memorial Hospital.

When she talks, though, it is hilarious. When she talks to me, a sixth-grader, she knows the lingo that we use. But when she dictates charts, she uses all sorts of medical terms. (It's hard to follow.) But whatever language she uses, she makes me laugh.

Though my mom likes to have fun, she's tough, too. I play many sports, so she makes me balance sports and school. She wants me to have a good education. I do pretty well with it.

She's very important to me, and I appreciate her. I also admire her strength, because she was strong when her dad died. She also sets a great image. That's what makes my mom special.

- Alexa Gaumer, 12, Corpus Christi Catholic School

Mother: Kathy Gaumer

My mom deserves to enjoy Mother's Day. She works hard and takes care of four kids. She needs it badly. My mom is very special.

She is special because any mom who can take care of four kids, four dogs, one cat, three horses and one turtle has be to special. She is kind, smart and funny, and is a great family member.

My mom's expectations are very high. She wants me to achieve all my goals. I sometimes disagree, but I know it's for my own good. She always wants the best for me.

My mom has lots of discipline. If I mess up, she is there to tell me not to do it again and helps me fix it.

I am glad my mom has done everything she has done for me. I hope that in the future, she stays this way and never changes. She is a great mom, and I am proud to call her mom.

- Ben Sloan, 12, Corpus Christi Catholic School

Mother: Polly Sloan

What makes my mom special? Well, she's special for many reasons. She has helped me with schoolwork from the first day in kindergarten to now, in sixth grade. She also has given me a lot of important advice.

Many times she has found a way to get me out of a difficult situation. Once, my arm got stuck in the candy machine at her office. She immediately ran to the bathroom and got some soap. She poured some on my arm, and it slid out with ease.

My mom is special because she is not strict, but she doesn't let me do things that could result in my getting hurt. The only thing she is strict about is my grades. She only accepts A's, but if I get all A's, she lets us go out to eat at a restaurant of my choice.

Once, a couple of days before Christmas, we were staying the night in Kansas City. My brothers and I wanted to go on a carriage ride, but the wait was an hour. Because my mom loves us so much, she stood outside for an hour in 20-degree weather just so we could go on a 10-minute carriage ride.

There are many moms who spoil their kids. I think I will be better off in life because my mom doesn't spoil me, and she makes me earn the things I want. I think she is the best mom in the whole world.

- Wilson Hack, 11, Corpus Christi Catholic School

Mother: Michelle Hack

What makes my mom special? I know a lot of reasons. Sure, there are tons of average moms, but it takes a lot to be a special mom. There are doctor moms, police moms and moms who work for banks, but my mom has a very important job. She is a teacher.

The reason my mom's job is so special is because she gives the other moms their early education that helps them get the jobs they have now. She teaches kids with activities and makes kids want to learn.

I also think parenting is an important aspect in being a special mom. My mom, I think, has the perfect balance of parenting. She keeps me out of harm's way, yet she lets me hang out with friends and have a good time. I think that's the way parents should be.

I'm also active in many sports. That can provide for a busy schedule. When my mom is at a meeting, grading papers or making a test, and I have to get to track in a half-hour, that would be problematic for most, but as always, being the "super mom," she gets me there five minutes early. I think that's pretty amazing.

I guess there are probably a lot of good or average moms out there, but it takes a lot to do what my mom does. That is what makes my mom so special!

- Tiana Hupfauf, 13, Corpus Christi Catholic School

Mother: Teresa Hupfauf

Well, my mom is definitely special. Every day my family says, "We love you," and they really mean it. My mom stood with me like fleas on a dog all the way through school. She is so special to all of us, and the reason why is she's a supporter. Then every single Mother's Day, we have to be the supporter. Our family wouldn't miss the day for anything.

Her parenting skills are great. She sets reasonable rules. If I need to talk to her, but sometimes feel like I don't want to, I know I should. My mom has many qualities that I can't name. I know she can be a procrastinator, but she will make it up.

My mom has an excellent sense of humor. The best part of it is she always has a big smile on her face. She is not shy, cross or abusive. She has a change of attitude just like the weather. Sometimes my family might expect too much from her, but she is a patient woman.

- Fischer Almanza, 12, Corpus Christi Catholic School

Mother: Katherine Almanza

I have a very special mom. There are many different ways that she is special.

One of the ways that she is special is that she works at Peoples Bank. Every year, she gives the second-graders at my school a loan to pay for their school store. Then when they come to pay off their loan, my mom gives them a tour. Since I live in Perry, my mom has to take me back to Peoples Bank after school. When I'm there, she lets me play on the computer. She makes it fun.

My mom always wants me to do well in school. If I'm not doing well in a subject, she'll help me study. She always comes up with fun ideas to help me remember things. My mom makes learning fun.

My mom likes to help out at my school. She is currently coordinating Battle of the Books, a reading competition, with another mom. They both come up with fun ideas to make you read more, like incentives.

As you can see, my mom is very special. There are many ways that my mom is special. Most of them are usual, but the unusual ones make her special. I am glad to be her son.

- Adam Fales, 12, Corpus Christi Catholic School

Mother: Michelle Fales

My mom has many jobs. She's a dental hygienist, a maid, a chef, a tutor and chauffeur. Mom is fun, but she can embarrass me.

Junior high is coming up. I'm going to Southwest. Their mascot is a bulldog. My mom and I are both excited. On the first day of junior high, the day of first impressions, mom will drop me off, and right before she leaves, she will say, "Goodbye, my baby bulldog."

My mom also has wise words. The night of the Virginia Tech shooting, I dropped a glass lid and broke it. Instead of getting mad, she stayed calm. She said, "Son, I'm just glad you're here to break it."

My brother and I are like most brothers. We argue a lot. Of course, we always blame each other on who started the argument, but mom ends it. She forces us to face each other sitting down. Then we have to apologize. This treatment always works.

My mom always encourages us. She always tells us to do our best. I look up to her because she has gone through tough times and she has been able to get through them. I think she's the best. All in all, she's awesome. Mom, thank you, and happy Mother's Day!

- Andrew Pester, 12, Corpus Christi Catholic School

Mother: Michelle Pester

My mom has helped me through elementary school, and I thank her for that. She has put up with all the things I need for school. My mom has a great way of getting me to understand. She helps me with different activities. She really is a different mom. She has been to many places around the world.

My mom has lived in Mexico. She lived in a very strange house - the garage was on top. When she was young, her brothers always caught scorpions, and my mom used to catch them also. My mom taught Spanish class here at the school once. I thought that was really cool.

My mom also went to Rome, Italy. It was amazing that she went there. She saw so many old ruins of Rome. She also saw tons of art galleries and churches. She has some books of where the galleries were. "It was a wonderful trip," she said.

My mom isn't like any other mom. She is a cook at our school, and she is a helper for our lunch statements. She also helps my sister and me around the house. She is a wonderful mom.

I am thankful for my mom because she is a great mom. She has taught me a lot of things. I can't wait for what the future has planned for us. She is a different mom who has interesting opinions on everything. I love her.

- Elizabeth Schmidtberger, 12, Corpus Christi Catholic School

Mother: Susan Schmid


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