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Schwegler principal to take over new district position

May 3, 2007


For the past three years, Angelique Kobler has been in charge at Schwegler School.

But on July 1, the school's principal will move up the administrative ladder to a new position affecting all of Lawrence's public schools: division director of instructional services.

"I am just very excited and honored by the selection," Kobler said Wednesday.

However, she said, she will miss coming to the school every day.

"It's kind of bittersweet," she said. "I want to be excited for the position, but I'm stepping out of a great organization with a wonderful staff, great students and parents."

Superintendent Randy Weseman made the announcement about Kobler, explaining her position still must be approved by the school board.

The new position is part of Weseman's previously announced administrative restructuring plan that eliminates some positions and reconfigures others as a result of upcoming retirements of several veteran school district administrators. No additional funding is required to make the changes.

When the restructuring takes effect July 1, the school district's administrative organization will be divided into two parts: a teaching and learning division administered by a chief academic officer, Kim Bodensteiner, and an administrative support division led by a chief operations officer, Mary Rodriguez.

Bodensteiner will oversee three key divisions: curriculum services, instructional services and student intervention services.

The district's director of arts and humanities, Ann Bruemmer, and Kevin Harrell, assistant director of special education, will oversee the curriculum and student intervention divisions.

Before coming to Schwegler in 2004, Kobler was elementary principal and teacher in Solomon, Hill City and Bogue; an adjunct professor at Fort Hays State University; and an instructor at Colby Community College.

She earned a bachelor's degree at Kansas State University and bachelor's and master's degrees at Fort Hays State University.

The district will begin advertising for a new Schwegler principal. Built in 1957, the school, 2201 Ousdahl, serves 371 students.


fed_up 10 years, 9 months ago

Wasn't the Cordley Elem. Principal given a district promotion last month as well. ?? How many are retiring? How many are being replaced? Will the restructure save us money? How many principals has Schwegler had since Gary Stauffer left in (I think) 2001??? Is she the 3rd or 4th one to leave? Lots more could be added to the story here I think....

momx2 10 years, 9 months ago

The current 6th graders are on their 4th principal since kindergarten. After Gary Stauffer, the next principal was their only 1 year, the following principal 2 years and Angelique 3 years. Maybe the new hire will stay for 4 years if their lucky! It looks like Schwegler kids and families have been "left behind" by their leadership. The kids at Schewgler deserve more than being a resume builder for next principals 3 year plan.

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