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Savvy shoppers find inventive ways to save money

May 3, 2007


Food prices have increased so dramatically in recent years, a trip to the supermarket is enough to ruin your appetite. But you can still save on your grocery bill. Woman's Day suggests these ways:

¢ Find the deals. Amazon Grocery ( offers more than 14,000 nonperishable grocery items, with free Super Saver shipping on orders over $25. Be prepared - in exchange for competitive pricing, you'll be buying larger quantities than at a traditional grocery store. But here's the fun part: For the products it stocks, Amazon offers plenty of varieties.

¢ Shop the sales. A great way to save money is to handpick the loss leaders from several stores in your area. Loss leaders are items priced lower than the store's cost. A new Web site, My Grocery Deals (, is a cherry picker's dream come true. Register at the site, then select the stores in your neighborhood and watch all the sales pop up.

There was a time when coupons showed up in the Sunday paper and that was about it. Now they're available online, in magazines, through the mail and directly from some manufacturers' Web sites.

¢ Check it twice. Grocery store scanners are not always reset with current sale prices. Your chances of being charged the full price on a sale item are high. To get the right deal, stay alert and watch the scanner - and speak up if you see a discrepancy.


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