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Old Home Town - 100 years ago

May 3, 2007


From the Lawrence Daily World for May 3, 1907: "The KU-Baker baseball game yesterday did not help the relations between the two county schools. The KU boys seem to have gone there dressed for deliberate ruffianness and the Baker crowd turned out just as ruffianly to repel the invaders. Baker defeated KU 2-1 but the trouble had begun before the game and violence flared in the final innings and in effect the KU people were 'run out of town' with several of the combatants suffering serious injuries such as broken bones. Trouble was brewing from the outset and the end result was a type of riot that cannot be approved. : The new Douglas County Fair being planned for this fall has been chartered by the state and early planning indicated a major event is on the calendar."


bearded_gnome 11 years, 1 month ago

RUFFIANS! for sooth! quick, hide the ashcans and put away the inkwells.

those baker boys gave the KU boys a thrashin' nice preachers-to-be that they were.


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