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Lightning sparks fire at storage facility

May 3, 2007


6News video: Lighting strikes storage facility near Eudora

A lightning strike at a storage facility near Eudora causes an estimated $50,000 in damage. Enlarge video

Firefighters say lightning struck a storage facility on property 2 miles south of Eudora at 8:30 p.m. Tuesday, sparking a fire.

"Right in a corner was a bird's nest, and we're thinking the lighting ignited the bird's nest," said Lt. Dustin McAfee of the Eudora Township Fire Department.

No one was injured, but the 3,600-square-foot storage facility at 2138 N. 1000 Road received an estimated $40,000 to $50,000 in damage. It stored batteries for the business Richardson Jumpstarters, which offers products meant to help jump start large engines, such as semitrailers and construction equipment.

It took more than an hour for firefighters to bring the blaze under control, McAfee said. Firefighters from Eudora city and Wakarusa Township also assisted.

According to Douglas County records, F. Dwane and Valerie Richardson own the property. McAfee said the storage facility is near property that includes the owners' home.

Firefighters had turned the building back over to owners and insurance investigators by Wednesday.


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