Schools notified of ‘unspecified threat’ of violence

Lawrence schools on 'heightened alert,' says superintendent

Lawrence public schools are on “heightened alert” today, as authorities investigate “a non-specific threat of school violence in Kansas this morning,” according to Superintendent Randy Weseman.

“Lawrence public schools will continue to be on heightened alert, making sure buildings are secure, monitoring main entrances, using sign-in and sign-out procedures for all school visitors, and being watchful for anything suspicious or out of the ordinary,” Weseman said.

Lawrence police notified local schools about an investigation by the Kansas Bureau of Investigation and the Atchison Police Department “involving a non-specific threat of school violence in Kansas reported this morning,” said Julie Boyle, director of communications for Lawrence public schools.

“The posting last night on MySpace pages does not specify what school, where or when, just that a school shooting would occur ‘tomorrow.’ The KBI says there is no credible information to suggest the validity of the threat. Law enforcement are recommending heightened awareness,” Boyle said.

Baldwin City officials said schools there are on a heightened alert and the doors are locked but they are not on lockdown.