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Gun possession sends felon back to prison

March 21, 2007


A Lawrence man has been found guilty of possessing a gun as a felon and will be sent back to prison.

Douglas County District Court Judge Robert Fairchild sentenced 22-year-old Carlos "Smurf" Green to probation on the felony weapons charge but ordered him to be sent back to prison for absconding his parole on a previous conviction.

Green was arrested in connection with the investigation of the murder of Lawrence rap artist Anthony Vital, who was found dead Oct. 14 in a field west of Lawrence.

Douglas County Sheriff's Office investigators said Green illegally had a handgun that day.


OfficeGirl 11 years, 1 month ago

It doesn't sound like the possession of the gun was what sent this person back to prison but the "absconding of his parole" on a previous conviction. I thought that felons caught possessing guns got an automatic 5 years and "not even OJ's attorney could get you out of that". WTF???? If all he's going to get for that is probation, what's the incentive for him to not possess a gun?

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