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Clinton unfazed by satiric video

March 21, 2007


Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton is laughing off any suggestion that her campaign is going down the You Tubes.

Over the past several days, more than a million viewers have watched an anonymously produced, caustic remake of Ridley Scott's "1984" ad for Apple's original MacIntosh computer. In it, a woman hurls a hammer through a screen with Clinton's image on it - in place of Big Brother's smashed visage.

Tuesday, Clinton said she would rather watch the "1984" clip - which she hasn't seen yet - than YouTube's video of her off-key rendition of the national anthem taped in Iowa earlier this year. That one also logged more than a million hits.

"I'm just happy if it's taking attention away from me singing - my singing was bad enough; I'm just happy nobody was tuning in to that," Clinton said.

Clinton, who has railed against the stultifying effects of TV and video-game consumption, later told NY1 News, "I might quibble a little bit about the content, but if we get more people, especially young people, thinking about politics, I'm happy about that."


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