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15 seconds of please don’t go

Fagan with the fans in San Jose

March 21, 2007


15 seconds of hanging on

Mark Fagan asks KU fans in California which Jayhawk they hope doesn't go pro after the season Enlarge video

— Here in the calm beauty of northern California, Kansas fans are relaxing as they await Thursday's Sweet 16 matchup pitting their Jayhawks against Southern Illinois.

And while talk from crimson-and-blue followers continues to focus on the road ahead - a potential Elite Eight appearance Saturday against UCLA or Pittsburgh, then a potential trip to Atlanta for the Final Four - fans soon will have to come to grips with another reality: Once the season ends, either with a joyous victory and a national title or a heartbreaking loss and a postseason for questions, it'll be decision time for some Jayhawks.

Should they stay in school or declare for the NBA draft?

With that in mind, our latest installment of our running "15 seconds of..." feature queries fans about who they'd least like to see make themselves available for selection by a professional basketball team.

Call it, "15 seconds of ... please, please don't go."


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