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Playing favorites

March 19, 2007


To the editor:

On Tuesday I attended a prebid meeting held at the water treatment plant office on Wakarusa Drive. Many others attended, which completely filled the small parking lot in front of the building. All the spots were taken except the one designated for handicapped drivers. As I was entering the building, a city utility department pickup truck swung into the handicapped parking spot. As they entered the building, the driver and passenger openly joked about being handicapped although obviously neither man was.

On Wednesday, I witnessed a city parking meter attendant at Eighth and Vermont streets begin to write a ticket for a car that was parked at an expired meter when the owner of the car approached, greeted the attendant and exchanged a slight hug. After a few minutes of friendly conversation the attendant stood and waited for the owner of the car to enter the vehicle, dig out a coin and put it in the meter. They exchanged another slight hug and parted company.

I have worked downtown for years. I have seen this particular parking meter attendant issue tickets in the past even while the owner of the vehicle was rushing to approach and feed the meter. The ticket is always issued, however.

I believe that these events reflect a level of arrogance that some of our city employees enjoy openly flaunting. Unless you drive a city-owned vehicle or share a friendship with a parking attendant, you'd better just keep obeying the laws.

John Galt, Lawrence


tolawdjk 11 years ago

And in other "New of the Obvious":

The sun rose in the east this morning.

Water is wet.

Politicians lie.

purplesage 11 years ago

News of the Obvious sadly condones the ongoing tolerance of favoritism which is rampant. Police officers speed. They don't write tickets to one another, except on rare occasion, and typically being family of an officer is enough for a pass. People in position take privilege that their position should not grant. Though it is obvious, commonplace, and "winked at" it is still WRONG. Seems like nobody gets upset until cash gets involved - like KC's former school supt. who is accused of diverting funds to a personal account. Does that tell us anything about what we truly value in this society? I don't think it is fairness, equity, justice and the like.

tolawdjk 11 years ago

Tell you what, once the city solves its taxbase issues, crumbling infrastructure, school funding, builds a strong job market, manages to balance social responsibility with fiscal responsibility, THEN, I will be the first to join your mighty crusade against the evils of parking ticket writers.

It's called enforcement discretion and its been around since the first laws were codified. The sooner you grasp that concept, the sooner you aparently stop loosing sleep at night.

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