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Junior high students perform at Washburn

March 19, 2007


Eight Lawrence junior high school students were selected to take part in a performance at Washburn University on March 11.

Of the eight, four had previously participated in the Collegiate Music Educators National Conference Honors Recital. More than 400 students participated in the event, with 23 selected to perform at the Washburn recital.

Lawrence students selected to perform were Emily Bachert, percussion; Mallory Cox, low brass; Alexandra Guinzberg, strings; Luke Rhodes, piano; Emily Paulen, flute; Margaret Bireta, woodwinds; Alan Hornbaker, trumpet and horn; and Adriane Dick, flute. The first four were performing for their second time.


Hikari 11 years, 1 month ago

Just for the record, (I'm assuming that you got your information from the program) certain people's name's were misspelled (Emily Paulen is actually Emily Paulson) not only that, but the school attended by Helen Gent (Central Junior High) was spelled "Centralia Junior High" which is of course why she isn't included in the list of performers from Lawrence. That program was terribly prepared, and I would hope that in future you get your facts straight before posting it for the world to see.

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