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School administrators suspended

School board to discuss principal contracts at Monday meeting

March 10, 2007


Two Tonganoxie school administrators are serving suspensions from the district.

Tonganoxie High School Principal Tatia Shelton and Tonganoxie Middle School Assistant Principal Darren Neas each were suspended for three days, according to school board member Darlyn Hansen.

Reasons for the suspensions, which began Thursday and will continue through Monday, were not given.

Shelton could not be reached for comment Friday, and Neas declined to comment.

Tonganoxie school Superintendent Richard Erickson also declined comment. He did, however, provide a copy of the district's suspension policy, which outlines these reasons the superintendent may suspend principals or teachers: alleged violation of board policy, rule or regulation; the filing of a formal complaint against the employee with any civil authority or with the board charging the employee with the alleged commission of an offense involving moral turpitude; and other good cause.

The school district's policy gives the superintendent the authority to suspend certified employees with pay until the suspension is resolved by board action at the next board meeting.

The board will meet Monday night, and agenda items include board discussion and action on principals' and athletic directors' contracts.

Less than two weeks ago, Shelton dismissed rumors she had been fired or resigned but admitted hearing rumors she would be dismissed.

"Probably the toughest job of any school employee is the high school principal," she said in a Feb. 26 interview. "You have a major target on your back all the time. You're a very visible person."

At the time, she said she was too busy with work and family to do much else.

"Unless it is something that is illegal, then what I do during my personal time away from Tonganoxie High School is my own business," Shelton said. "I have never done anything that I am ashamed of. I don't have time for anything. I barely have time to clean my house and get my laundry done."

Shelton has been THS principal since 2004. She came to Tonganoxie from Garden City, where she served a year as an assistant principal with the title dean of students. She also taught high school biology for nine years in the Rock Creek school district near Manhattan.

Shelton has a master's degree in educational leadership and administration from Kansas State University. She earned a bachelor's degree in secondary education from the University of Nebraska at Kearney.

Neas began work with the Tonganoxie district in 1999 and has been assistant principal at the middle school since 2001.


catblu 11 years, 3 months ago

So, why did the superintendent wait until 3 weeks before School Board elections to try and fix a problem that he had known about for over a year? Could it be that he is afraid of what the election results might be?

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